Pakistan Chitral Kush | Feminized Marijuana Seeds
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Pakistan Chitral Kush Marijuana is one of the strongest Indica of our catalog. It has a fast flowering period producing a lot of resin and releasing a sweet and fruity scent.

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Feminized Pakistan Chitral Kush Marijuana Seeds

Pakistan Chitral Kush is a pure Indica Cannabis very adaptable and resistant to fungus and pests. This pure Indica strain brought from Chitral, a town in Pakistan, has been selectively inbred in Spain for more than 5 generations since the mid-90s' to enhance its characteristics, specially those for making hashish, maintaining however a certain genetic variability in the population.

The result is an explosion of flavors and aromas, the plants are hardy, fast-flowering producing large amounts of resin with a typical Indica effect to make a good hash. Chitral is known for its hashish being one of the best of Pakistan.

It presents well developed branches with short internodal distance and a marked resistance to pests or fungi and to rainny climates. In this way it is an appropriate plant for growing in outdoors in harsh conditions, dry, cold, moisture and heat.

This plant has two main phenotypes that can predominate during cultivation, one purple and one green-violet. The green phenotype is the most potent and resinous while the purple phenotype is noted for its strong smell of berries and a melting pot of colors, from dark purple to pink along the flowering period.

Pakistan Chitral Kush emits a bouquet of aromas and flavors ranging from earthy caramel (purple phenotype) to sweet notes of fruits and berries (green phenotype). We all remember the 80 's hash.

The influence of pure indica genetics creates powerfully relaxing body effects.

Main features of Pakistan Chitral Kush Marijuana:

  • Feminized
  • Indoor and outdoor
  • Genetics 100% indica
  • Indoor Production: 250-400 gr/m2
  • Outdoor Production: Medium
  • Indoor Flowering: 60-65 days
  • Outdoor Harvest: End of September


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