We are very happy to introduce the varieties of marijuana seeds from the collection catalog of Positronics Seeds, where they continue to contribute feminized seeds of quality and autoflowering cockroaches.

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Positronics Seed Bank

The Positronics seed bank has received various awards in many cannabis contests for its high-quality seed genetics. This institution is known for the excellent quality of its hybrid varieties that can be purchased in both feminized and auto-flowering format. In the following article, we explore some historical facts about Positronics, as well as a small selection of their best seeds that you can find in Experiencia Natural.

History and characteristics of Positronics Seeds

To understand the origin of Positronics Seeds we must travel back to the 1960s. This was the decade in which the founder of this bank, Wernard Bruining, settled in the city of Amsterdam to begin his studies as a teacher. It was precisely in this city that Bruining discovered one of his greatest passions, cannabis seeds. This passion, as in the history of the founders of many banks, would prove to become the focus of his professional life.

In the 1970s, Wernard decided to enter the hippie scene in Amsterdam and joined the Second Home commune, where the use of cannabis and its derivatives was normalized, despite the lack of distributors that existed at the time. The Second Home would eventually be evicted by the authorities, giving rise to one of the first Dutch coffeeshops, the Yellow Mellow.

The Yellow Mellow was little more than an old bakery turned cannabis dispensary, but it perfectly reflects the spirit of the Dutch coffeeshops: a meeting place to have a drink with friends and taste cannabis or its derivatives in a legal way. Unfortunately, the Yellow Mellow suffered a fire in the late 1970s, which meant the end of this institution. However, this project’s business model inspired the boom of legal recreational and medicinal cannabis dispensaries all across Amsterdam. 

Devastated by the loss of Yellow Mellow, Wernard decided to travel to the United States to continue his research into marijuana. Here he discovered sinsemilla marijuana, a premium cannabis variety which has no seeds in its flowers, making it more potent and better tasting. This technique was not yet widespread throughout Europe, and so it was only at this point that the founder of Positronics learned that seedless flowers contain greater concentrations of THC.

While in the United States, Wernard decided to travel to California, one of the meccas of American cannabis. There he met Ed Holloway, a well-known marijuana enthusiast and father of one of the marijuana gurus, Ed Rosenthal. The founder of Positronics decided to return to Amsterdam with Rosenthal, but not empty-handed. They each returned with a select collection of American genetic seeds ready to be adapted to the growth conditions of Europe.

Wernard assembled a multidisciplinary team to start obtaining legal seedless marijuana crops for Dutch dispensaries. According to Wernard, his goal was to "turn Holland into the Jamaica of Europe", and this was no exaggeration. In the 1980s, the founder of Positronics went one step further and introduced the basics of what is known today as guerrilla growing, a technique for growing cannabis outdoors. Ed and Wernard formed the best possible partnership at the time, and countless apprentices rose to the rank of grower under their teachings.

In 1985, Wernard decided to found Positronics as we know it today, one of the first European seed banks. Its name comes from the combination of the words ‘Positive Eelctronics’, referring to the combination of technology to achieve positive energy, undoubtedly one of the defining characteristics of Positronics' work. Wernard is also credited with founding Soft Secrets, one of the first cannabis magazines.

Today, Positronics has re-emerged thanks to the union of Wernard with Sebas, a plant enthusiast who has his central base of operations in Malaga. As a result, this bank now has a lot of Spanish DNA strains, reflected in many of its new varieties. In Experiencia Natural, you can find the best feminized and automatic Positronics seeds at the best price.

Best Positronics strains

When talking about the best Positronics strains, we would be remiss not to mention Somango #47. This is a top-quality feminized cannabis seed with unique characteristics. Nicknamed ‘The Beast’, this strain has quickly become a classic in seed catalogues. Somango #47 produces robust, strong, heavy-yielding plants, hence its fitting nickname.

Grapefruit is possibly the best sweet strain from the Positronics seedbank. These feminized seeds have a sweet and exquisite taste, among which the aromas of citrus and berries particularly stand out. To obtain these seeds, Positronics carried out a technique of self-pollination. The original elite clone used was crossed with itself to avoid losing the fundamental qualities of the plant when combined with other varieties.

Purple Haze 1 by Positronics is the improved version of the legendary original Purple Haze strain from the 70s. This is a strain that Jimi Hendrix popularised in his song of the same name. It was particularly popular during the 70s for its potent and long-lasting psychoactive effects. To create this uplifting strain, Positronics combined two of the best possible Sativa strains: Haze and Purple Thai.

Positronics is one of the best seedbanks in the world due to its wide catalogue of varieties, its long history, and its research in the field of genetic combination of seeds and obtaining sinsemilla flowers. Discover Positronics' extensive catalogue of seeds for collectors in the seed cards above.