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Crazy Lazy marijuana seeds come from the Positronics seedbank to rival Critical, both in terms of yield and taste. With amazing amounts of buds and a strong sweet scent, it is a strain that will delight commercial growers.


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Feminized Crazy Lazy Marijuana Seeds

The feminized Crazy Lazy seeds come from the Positronics are a strong competitor to the famous Critical, both in terms of yield and taste. Coming from a genetic stabilization work of the already mythical American strain Green Crack, chosen for its strong aroma and flavor, which after stabilized was crossed with its Grapefruit to add flavor and power. The result is Crazy Lazy, a strain that comes as a surprise!

Crazy Lazy is an easy to grow plant, with a good adaptation to all types of cultivation and ideal for growing a high yield in climates where rain comes early.

Crazy Lazy structure is typical of the hybrid plant, with medium size and strong vegetative vigour. Its large leaves promise to capture all available light and thus grow quickly and with high yields. Due to its strong odor during the flowering phase, good ventilation and a filter is highly recommended.

In relation to the yield of Crazy Lazy, this is high and, for that reason, is a highly recommended strain for the most commercial growers. Its fast flowering is also another point in its favour, as it is ready in just 55-60 days flowering indoors. When grown outdoors in natural light, it can be ready in the week that the summer ends.

Crazy Lazy has, as its name suggests, gives a powerful relaxing effect that leaves you wanting to lie on the couch. Ideal for night use and enjoy the time without moving.

The flavor and aroma of Crazy Lazy is intense, with a strong sweet and fruity component that will impregnate the cultivation premises with strong aromas that will delight everyone who tastes it.

Main features of Crazy Lazy Marijuana:

  • Feminized

  • Indoor/Outdoor

  • Genotype: Mainly Indica

  • Genetic: Green Crack x Grapefruit

  • THC: undeclared

  • CBD: not declared

  • Height: Medium

  • Plantation: Spring on outdoors or all year on indoors 

  • Flowering: 55-60 days (indoor) or week ending summer

  • Yield: high

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