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The Glory OG feminized marijuana seeds are the result of genetic work with American strains carried out by the Positronics bank. A powerful Indica effect, high production and very sweet and fruity taste.


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Glory OG Feminised Marijuana Seeds

The Glory OG feminized marijuana seeds are the result of the genetic work and selection of Positronics, a strain chosen among several American genetics that came to the laboratory of this seed bank. The result of different crosses with genetics that include Blood Diamond OG, Blueberry and Headband.

The final result is a very sweet and fruity strain, with high production and a strong Indica effect.

What is the structure of Glory OG?

The plants of Glory OG have a medium size and gather in them characteristics both from Indicas and Sativas. This vigorous hybrid offers an intermediate distance between branches and lateral branches of considerable size. Due to its heritage Blood and Blueberry is a strain that at the end of flowering may present purple and red tones.

How much does Glory OG produce?

The yield offered by Glory OG is high, according to the indications of the seed bank. Even if they do not advance with specific production values, we can expect indoor yields to exceed 450 grams per square meter and outdoor yields to exceed 500 grams per plant.

What is the effect of Glory OG?

One of the most striking points in Glory OG is the strong Indica component of its effect, so you can expect a powerful feeling of relaxation accompanied by a deep pleasure and tranquility. It is an ideal strain for smoking at night.

What is the aroma of Glory OG?

Taste and aroma was one of the keys for Positronics Seeds in developing this strain. That's why there was a very careful selection of the Blueberry component of this strain and a good part of its flavour comes from it. Thus, when trying this strain, the fruity and sweet flavors stand out, among which peach, vanilla and mango have the main role.

How is Glory OG grown?

Glory OG is quite a simple strain to care for and its fast flowering allows it to adapt easily to all climates and growing areas.

This is a strain that will take between 50 and 55 days to end its flowering phase while outdoors should be able to be harvested in the month in which the summer ends.

Characteristics of Glory OG marijuana

  • Interior and exterior
  • Feminized
  • Genotype: Mostly Indica Hybrid
  • Genetics: Blood Diamond OG x Blue Head Band
  • THC: undeclared values
  • CBD: not declared
  • Height: medium
  • Flowering: 50-55 days (indoors) or in the month ending summer summer
  • Production: high indoor and outdoor, undeclared values.