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Sticky Dream marijuana seeds are a novelty of the Positronics Seedsbank and come to expand their catalog to which American genetics refers. It is the cross of two great strains, it offers a unique Indian flavor and amazing resin yields!


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Feminized Sticky Dream Marijuana Seeds

The feminized marijuana seeds Sticky Dream are another novelty presented by the Positronics seedbank and now arrive at Experiencia Natural. Fruit of the cross between two monster genetics, Blue Rhino and the Gorilla Glue, it is a strain that promises a lot of the highest quality resin.

Sticky Dream has an soft Indica predominance, offering medium-high size plants, with a lot of vigor and strong stem. This plants usually branches out quite a lot and each of its branches, at the end of flowering, is filled with flowers fully charged with resin, which gives off a unique aroma. The strain is quite easy to grow and adapts perfectly to the different growing conditions without ever demanding too much.

Sticky Dream's yield is high but what stands out most is the wonderful resin it offers. In just 60-65 days indoors, with the help of growlights, or about a week after the end of summer outdoors is a plant that gives away a delicious resin rich in terpenes and cannabinoids, making it an ideal plant for those who love extractions and concentrates.

The Sticky Dream effect is powerful and combines the best of both worlds. It begins with a slight sense of euphoria, which brings the brain into a state of joy and, over time, transforms into a deep sense of relaxation.

Another of the highlights of Sticky Dream is its complex taste and aroma. With a high intensity, you have floral notes with a sour and spicy background.

Characteristics of Sticky Dream Marijuana



Genotype: Mainly Indica

Genetics: Blue Rhino x Gorilla Glue

THC: not declared

CBD: undeclared

Height: Medium

Planting: Spring outdoors, all year round indoors

Flowering: 60-65 days (indoor) or one week after the end of summer

Yield: high


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