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Terra Aquatica Silicate 1 liter is a product based on natural silicon powder that increases the plant's defenses, improves the availability of nutrients and provides defense against pest attacks.

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Silicate Natural Silicate Powder by Terra Aquatica

Silicate is a natural product made by Terra Aquatica and as its name reveals, it is based on pure silicate. Silicate is essential for plants, being an especially important element when growing plants both in soil and hydroponics.

The formula of this product is elaborated from organic residues biologically recycled, it give as result a natural silicate pure powder beneficial for indoor and outdoor plants.

Silicate penetrates the plant cells to strengthen the defenses and acting as a biological barrier against pests and diseases. This is thanks to the natural ability of silicon to dissolve and protect every part of the plant. In addition, silicate also promotes plant growth by improving the density of the plant cell tissues.

This product will allow your plants to improve the cation exchange, which ultimately translates into better nutrients availability. Cation exchange affects the soil capacity to retain and release positive ions and this is achieved with minerals such as silicate and organic matter found in the soil.

It is a great product to deal with pH and electro conductivity issues, you can use Silicate to correct the water and substrate acidity, something fundamental in all types of crops, but even more so when we set up a hydroponic garden. This product will favour a vigorous plant growth.

As if that weren't enough, Silicate keeps your plant protected from metals toxicity that could affect the crop and end up making it worse.

Last but not least, Silicate has a formula that naturally contains more than 60 minerals that will awaken the activity of the micro life present in the substrate. By ensuring a well established microlife in the substrate, you can forget about adding mineral additives to it, as the beneficial bacteria and fungi will create the perfect breeding ground for explosive plant growth. All this without the use of chemical additives.

Use of Silicate

The manufacturer indicates to add approximately 4 grams of product at the base of each plant.

If you prefer to include it in a nutritive solution, you must dissolve 4 grams of silicon powder for every 10 liters of liquid.

Finally, you can also apply Silicate directly to the leaves. To do this, dilute 4 grams per 10 liters of water and spray on the leaves.

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