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Pro Organic Bloom from Terra Aquatica is a 100% organic fertilizer that provides all the basic elements needed for a lush plants flowering.

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Pro Organic Bloom fertilizer

Pro Organic Bloom is Terra Aquatica's 100% organic base fertilizer for the flowering phase. With this product you will get all the NPK nutrients necessary for a lush flowering, as well improve the substrates and the microbiological life into them.

The Pro Organic Bloom fertilizer offers NPK values of 2-3-4, always with elements of organic origin. These include plant extracts, seaweed, humic acids and molasses. Which they provide all the necessary nutrients, amino acids and vitamins.

Pro Organic Bloom is complemented by Pro Organic Grow for growth, using both products a perfect nutrition and environment for the plants is guaranteed.

Pro Organic Bloom is perfect for all types of substrates as well as those water based crops such as bioponics, aquaponics or hydroponics. You should also know that by using Terra Aquatica's pro range in hydroponics you will get 100% organic certified buds.

Although the Terra Aquatica pro line is a source of all the nutrients needed for a complete crop, it is highly recommended to use the rest of the brand's supplements and additives to optimize savings and maximize crops.

Pro Organic Bloom dosage

Shake well before use.
For planting and cutting use 0,25 ml of Pro Organic Bloom and 0,25 ml of Pro Organic Bloom per litre of water.
During the first two weeks of the flowering phase use 1 ml of Pro Organic Grow and 1 ml of Pro Organic Bloom per litre of water.
Continue with 2 ml per litre of water of Pro Organic Bloom until the time of the pre-harvest root wash.

Pro Organic Bloom Composition

Nitric Nitrogen 0.02%
Ammoniacal nitrogen 0.65%
Organic Nitrogen 1.53%
Total Nitrogen 2.20%
Phosphorus 3%
Sulphates 6%
Potassium 4%
Magnesium 1.8%
Iron 320 ppm
Copper 60 ppm
Zinc 110 ppm
Boron ppm
Manganese 100 ppm