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Terra Aquatica Bloom Booster is the best ally for the flowering of plants. This flowering enhancer stimulates the growth of the flowers, giving rise to harvests of greater volume and better flavor.

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Bloom Booster Organic Flower Enhancer

Bloom Booster is a full organic and natural flowering stimulator. It has been produced by Terra Aquatica, formerly known as General Hydropnics, one of the most reputable growing products suppliers in the market.

Using Bloom Booster you can get the most out of your plants' flowering. Its formula based on natural compounds promotes the metabolic activity of the plant, which increases the plant's ability to produce more and larger buds.

Bloom Booster is a 100% bio product, which means that its components are 100% natural based. Thus, its composition consists exclusively of plant material: more specifically, hydrolyzed proteins and Kelp algae.

This is important because the use of natural products also affects the taste and aroma. It is therefore much more advisable to use this type of product that respects Cannabis organoleptic properties and prevents the development of such undesirable artificial aromas after harvesting. 

This flowering enhancer also activates mineral uptake through the use of biostimulants and transport enhancers. The result is a lush flowering with a bigger harvest and better taste. In short, the right flowering enhancer for anyone looking for a natural and very effective solution.

Bloom Booster dosage

Bloom Booster is a product exclusive for Cannabis plants in flowering stage. It is therefore not recommended for use at other stages of the plant's life cycle.

This product can be used in a foliar form or in a direct solution in irrigation water.

To apply foliarly, dilute 3 ml for each litre of water and use a spray to pulverise the plant.

For direct use in water, dilute 3 to 5 ml for each litre of water or nutritive solution used and watering.

Bloom Booster is completely compatible with the Terra Aquatica range of organic products, so combine it with other complements of this house to obtain abundant and exquisite crops. In addition, this product can be used in all types of water, both hard and soft and is suitable for all types of crops, from coconut, soil or hydroponics.


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