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The Monkey Fan is built with the best quality materials and can be placed directly on the tubes of the growing cabinets. Available with 3 outputs.

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Monkey Fan

Monkey Fan ventilators have been thoughtfully designed for a wide range of indoor grow tents. They easily hang directly onto the support rods of your tent, compatible with tube diameters from 16mm up to 21mm. This simple yet innovative feature allows for a seamless integration into your existing setup.

Offered in three distinct power levels, these fans deliver a variety of rotational speed options to cater to diverse ventilation requirements. Regardless of the model chosen, all Monkey Fans share a common attribute: the high-quality materials used in their construction. This guarantees robustness and longevity, ensuring that they remain an integral part of your indoor gardening for seasons to come.

They operate silently, ensuring that your indoor gardening activities are not disturbed by unnecessary noise. Furthermore, each Monkey Fan comes complete with a connection cable, ensuring a hassle-free setup process.

Effective ventilation is a fundamental aspect of indoor cultivation. Without it, plants lack the wind stimulation necessary for their stems to grow strong and sturdy. This artificial "exercise" is crucial to enable the branches to support the weight of their fruits by the end of the flowering period. Monkey Fans provide this much-needed airflow, improving plant health and productivity, and ultimately enhancing your indoor gardening success.

Characteristics of the Monkey Fan

  • 2 speeds, up to 2200rpm
  • Blade diameter: 15cm
  • Overall diameter: 20cm
  • 2 speeds, 1500rpm and 2300rpm (2 m/s at 70cm)
  • Blade diameter: 16.8cm
  • Overall diameter: 21cm
  • Oscillating function
  • 2 speeds, up to 2300rpm (3.7 m/s at 70cm)
  • Blade diameter: 17.8cm
  • Overall diameter: 23cm
  • 100% copper motor (longer life)