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Ventilation is one of the most important aspects of indoor growing. Provide all the movement the plants need with this The Pure Factory oscillating clip fan.

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The Pure Factory oscillating clip fan

The Pure Factory presents a comprehensive solution to improve ventilation in an indoor crop, the oscillating clip fan. Ventilation is a very important aspect of plant health, as it promotes the necessary movement and mimics the conditions of the plant in its natural environment.

Many growers do not give enough importance to ventilation and do not make proper use of oscillating clip fans such as the one presented by The Pure Factory. However, there needs to be a current of air moving the plants, as plants need movement for several reasons.

Firstly, plants need movement to strengthen their stems and branches. Just as people and animals need movement and exercise to strengthen their structure, plants appreciate the movement produced by the wind to strengthen their stems and branches. This ultimately produces healthier plants, which have greater strength to support heavier flowers or fruit.

The use of tools such as The Pure Factory's oscillating clip fan also have another advantage, which is to slightly lower the temperature inside the grow room or grow tent. Ventilation also helps the extraction system to expel hot air from inside the grow room.

The Pure Factory oscillating clamp fan is the best solution to put an end to the annoying air tunnels that can appear in indoor grow tents, one of the most common problems that indoor growers can suffer from. Being oscillating, it improves the airflow inside the grow tent.

The Pure Factory oscillating clamp fan is made from the best possible materials to increase durability and promote the best possible airflow inside the grow tent. In this way, the fan presented here has 180 mm diameter blades, in order to circulate the air effectively inside the grow room.

This device has the best motor system to move the fan blades. This means that The Pure Factory fan has a high performance 2-speed motor that adapts to the needs of each grower.

This fan is specially designed to be used in a grow tent of up to 1.5 square metres of growing space. To use it in larger spaces, it is necessary to use larger fans, or to use several The Pure Factory oscillating clamp fans.

In short, this fan is one of the best products for indoor growers looking for a complete solution to promote air circulation inside the crop, as well as the movement of plants, to encourage the development of sturdy stems and branches.

Features of the Pure Factory clip fan

Power: 20W

2 speeds

Blade diameter: 18cm

Oscillating function

Growing area: 1,5m2