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The Typhoon 3-in-1 fan has metal blades, 55W power and a blade diameter of 45 cm. This device can be used standing, on the floor or on the wall.

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Pure Factory Typhoon 3 in 1 fan

The Typhoon 3-in-1 fan is designed for indoor crops that require high performance ventilation. For this purpose, this model uses high quality metal blades with a diameter of 45 cm, which makes the Typhoon 3 in 1 a very powerful fan. As a result, this device can be used at full power to move the air inside a grow room with up to 4 lights.

The Typhoon 3 in 1 is a very versatile model, which is one of its most important features. This way, this fan can be used on the floor, floor-standing or wall-mounted thanks to its interchangeable base system, adapting to the needs of each indoor grower. In addition, this fan has 3 speeds and 55W power.

The manufacturer, Pure Factory, is one of the most reputable in the market and uses the best materials for its designs. Thus, this model has metal blades and an oscillating function that allows an automatic movement of the fan to improve the atmosphere inside a grow room.

Ventilation is very important when growing indoor. Under natural conditions, plants receive wind currents, which promotes their movement and temperature regulation. However, when it comes to indoor gardening, it is important to use ventilation systems such as the Typhoon 3-in-1 fan, which mimic natural wind currents.

Ventilation improves the strength of the plants. As with other living things, movement in plants strengthens both stem and branches. This makes the plant species better able to support flowers and fruits.

This is not the only function of a system like the Typhoon 3 in 1 fan in an indoor garden. Its use is also important for the fact that it encourages the existence of air currents within a crop. This, together with an extraction system, which takes out harmful air and brings in clean air, improves the growing environment to the maximum. 

The use of fans causes the temperatures inside the grow room or grow tent to be lower, which can lead to fewer pests settling inside the grow room due to the higher temperatures.

The Typhoon 3-in-1 fan is a highly efficient all-in-one solution for growers looking to create a proper ventilation flow in large crops. It is made from premium materials and comes with the Pure Factory manufacturer's quality guarantee.

Typhoon 3 in 1 fan Features

Power: 55W

3 speeds

Blade diameter: 45cm

Oscillating function

Floor, wall and floor fan