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The Super Grower 3-in-1 fan has 40W and a diameter of 40 cm. It also features an automatic oscillation system, 3 speeds and can be used as a stand, wall-mounted or tabletop fan.

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Super Grower 3 in 1 fan for indoor growing

Ventilation is a key factor when growing indoor. Thanks to it, the plants can move their parts inside the growing space as if they were in their natural environment. In this way, the plants can strengthen their stems and branches, so that they are able to optimally support flowers and fruits. In addition to this, indoor ventilation also makes it possible to move the air inside a room. In natural environments, outdoor crops have wind that keep the heat away from the plants. Indoors, however, it is necessary to use a device such as the Super Grower 3 in 1 fan to help move the hot air that can be present in an indoor garden.

Many growers do not give the necessary importance to ventilation, as they think that the extraction system is enough. It is true that it is the extraction system the one that removes the stale air from inside the grow room, but the fan help to create air currents in a grow room. The use of both ventilation and extraction is essential when growing indoor.

For all gardening enthusiasts who want a complete solution for indoor growing, there is the Super Grower fan. It is the best ally for distributing fresh air inside a room, avoiding the appearance of air bubbles in the environment, which can severely damage the health of the plants. 

Unlike other fans for indoor growing, the Super Grower 3-in-1 fan is highly adaptable. This means that it is possible to use it in 3 positions: standing, wall-mounted or table-top. The Super Grower 3 in 1 is designed to meet the needs of growers of all kinds, and its design allows it to be used in almost every conceivable scenario.

Another advantage of this fan model is that it is very easy to assemble and disassemble, and it is a device that allows for simple "plug and play" use. The manufacturer has constructed this fan with strong and durable materials, so it has a long service life.

The Super Grower 3-in-1 fan has a diameter of 40 cm and 3 speeds, so it is able to provide a strong wind flow. This helps to maintain an optimal temperature inside an indoor grow room, as well as to achieve a healthy growing environment and to prevent many pests attracted by the high temperatures from coming into the grow room.

Super Grower fan characteristics

Power: 40W

3 speeds

Blade diameter: 40cm

Oscillating function

Floor, wall and table fan