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Affordable, with high quality and high performance hortigarden fan. This Hortigarden fan provides all the movement that plants need in an effective and reliable way.

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Hortigarden fan 

From the Hortigarden brand we offer you the high-quality and cheap fan. It improves the ventilation of a plant cultivation and provides the necessary movement to mimic the conditions of nature.

Ventilation is an indispensable element in every crop, not making proper use of fans like this one can lead to failure. There must always be a current of air to move the plants.

All plants need movement to strengthen their stems and branches. Just as people and animals require exercise to strengthen themselves, so do plants. Ventilation produces stronger, healthier plants, which have more stamina to support heavier flowers or fruit.

The Hortigarden fan also serves to distribute and move the air correctly, avoiding air pockets that can appear in indoor grow tents. 

This Hortigarden quality fan is made of high quality materials. Thus, the fan is 22cm in diameter, so that it can effectively circulate the air inside the grow room.

Its high quality motor provides 20 watts of power in its motor system to move the fan blades. Also, the Hortigarden fan has 3 speeds, with great performance and adapts to the needs of each crop.

This fan can be used in a grow tent of up to 1.5 square metres. For larger spaces, the use of larger fans is required, or the use of several Hortigarden fans.

On the other hand, the use of tools such as the Hortigarden fan can also have another advantage, which is to slightly lower the temperature inside the grow tent or grow room. However, this does not exclude the need for an extraction and extraction system.

Finally, this Hortigarden fan has a clamped anchoring system, making installation quick and easy.

Features of the Hortigarden fan

Power: 20W

3 speeds

Diameter: 22cm

Clamped anchoring system

Growing area: 1,5m2