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OidiumProt is a mixture of nutrients and microflora growth factors from the extract of specific microorganisms that prevent the development of powdery mildew fungus in marijuana.

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OidioProt Fungicide

OidioProt fungicide is designed to prevent the development of the powdery mildew fungus and acts specifically on powdery mildew. OidioProt is a specific fungicide for powdery mildew on marijuana plants that acts by contact.

Oidioprot: The residue-free nutrient mix for plant health

Plant lovers, we present Oidioprot, your new resource to keep those pesky fungi at bay. This nutrient mix is a blend of growth factors and microflora extracts that stop fungal growth in its tracks. Best of all, it's non-toxic and leaves no residue, so both you and your plants win.

  • Non-toxic formulation
  • Fungus-fighting
  • Zero residue

Application guidelines: Tailored to each environment

Whether you grow outdoors or in a controlled indoor environment, Oidioprot has you covered. For outdoor crops, two applications are recommended within 3-5 days at a dose of 5 g per L. For indoor or greenhouse crops, the dose and frequency can be adjusted depending on the severity of the fungal attack.

Combination to enhance effects

If you are faced with a severe fungal infection, consider combining Oidioprot with other products such as CinnaProt or EquiProt. These combinations can boost the antifungal effects or speed up the drying process of the fungus, offering a comprehensive solution for plant care.

Dosage: Flexibility and efficacy

When it comes to dosage, Oidioprot offers flexibility. The standard dosage is 5 g/L every 10-15 days, but can be optimised depending on the severity of the fungal attack and the nutritional status of your plants. The pH of the mixture is approximately 7.5/8, so it is compatible with most biological plant care products.

Why choose Experiencia Natural's Oidioprot?

Experiencia Natural is committed to offering effective and environmentally responsible products. Oidioprot aligns perfectly with this philosophy, providing a safe, natural and effective solution for plant care.

Effects of OidioProt on marijuana

OidioProt marijuana fungicide serves as a shock treatment once the powdery mildew fungus has been detected, as well as being used as a preventative.

Applications of OidioProt on marijuana

It is used for the control of powdery mildew caused by different strains of fungi, such as: Erysphe, Laveillula, Podosphaera, Shpaeroteca in any type of medium, whether outdoor, indoor and greenhouse. OidioProt acts by contact when sprayed on marijuana plants.

For outdoor crops it is recommended to apply two applications within 3-5 days with a dosage of 5gr/L. Then it is recommended to continue with curative/preventive treatments with OidioProt every 10-15 days and stop applying it a maximum of 10-12 days before harvesting, this is the safety period as after this time the product will have already biodegraded thanks to the weather (rain, wind, etc.).

When it is a cold crop, it is recommended to apply OidioProt every 10-15 days and stop applying it a maximum of 10-12 days before harvesting.

When used on indoor and greenhouse crops and in case of severe attacks, make two applications with OidioProt with an interval of 6-7 days and with a dosage of 5gr/L. If the plant is very tender (cuttings, seedlings...) it is recommended to reduce the dose to 4gr/L. Then continue with applications every 10-15 days depending on the severity of the attack of the powdery mildew fungus. Also respect the safety period and stop applying 15 days before harvesting, which is the period in which the product has already biodegraded safely.

Dosage of OidioProt

It will depend on the severity of the powdery mildew plague, health and nutritional state of the plant, being the usual: 5gr per litre of water, spray every 10-15 days with water with a pH of 7.5-8. Do not apply the product at times of high temperatures and brightness, as this may cause burns on the tenderest leaves. Indoors, make sure the plant is dry before turning on the lamps.

The product is non-toxic and has no residues. It does not affect the flower or resin. It does not stain the plant.