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Unlock the full potential of your plants with Equiprot, the all-natural foliar nutritional boost. Rich in plant extracts and designed to fortify plant structure, Equiprot is your go-to for combating fungal diseases and climatic stress. Ideal for organic farming, it's fast-acting and leaves no residue.

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Equiprot: The Ultimate Plant Nutritional Boost

Hey plant lovers, meet Equiprot—your new best friend in plant care! This foliar nutritional preparation is a cocktail of plant extracts, specifically from the horsetail plant. Rich in acids, organic matter, and alkaloids, Equiprot is a game-changer in strengthening your plant's structural integrity. Plus, it has a positive impact on the overall development of your green buddies.

  • Rich in plant extracts
  • Strengthens plant structure
  • Enhances overall plant development

Quick and Effective Results

Time is of the essence, and Equiprot knows it! Within just three hours of application, you'll start to see its magic unfold. And guess what? Rain or dew won't mess with its effectiveness after that time frame. So, you can sit back and watch your plants thrive, come rain or shine.

  • Fast-acting formula
  • Rain-resistant
  • No waiting period

Equiprot: A Biological Shield Against Fungal Diseases

Equiprot is a nutritional boost and a biological control against various fungal diseases. Whether you're dealing with Sectoriosis, Alternaria, or Fusarium, this product has got you covered. It's especially recommended for plants showing abnormal growth or those at risk from spring frosts. Equiprot acts as a phyto-fortifier against these and other stress conditions.

  • Controls a wide range of fungal diseases
  • Recommended for stress conditions
  • Acts as a phyto-fortifier

Applications and Versatility

From indoor cultivation to greenhouses, Equiprot is versatile enough for various settings, including as a fungicide. It's particularly effective against a broad spectrum of diseases and climatic stress situations. So, whether you're into cannabis cultivation or just a general plant enthusiast, Equiprot is your go-to solution.

Optimal Combinations for Enhanced Control

If you're looking to up your game against botrytis, consider mixing Equiprot with Botryprot. This combo will dry out the affected area, speeding up the fungus's disappearance. For better control against powdery mildew, a mix of OidioProt and Equiprot is your best bet.

Dosage and Application Tips

When it comes to dosage, Equiprot is pretty flexible. For foliar applications, you'll need 7 to 10 ml/L, depending on your plant's condition. The ideal pH range for the mixture is between 5.5 and 6.5. Make sure to wet all the green parts of the plant, including flowers and leaf undersides. Avoid mixing with alkaline products for the best results.

Why Choose Equiprot from Experiencia Natural

At Experiencia Natural, we're all about offering products that are not only effective but also environmentally responsible. Equiprot fits right into that philosophy. It leaves no residues and has no waiting period, making it a perfect choice for organic farming.