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BotryProt (MS) is a mixture of nutrients and growth factors for the microflora made from specific microorganisms being able to prevent fungus growth and development.

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Botryprot Fungicide

Hey there, plant enthusiasts! Say hello to Botryprot, your new best friend in combating plant rot. This unique blend of nutrients and growth factors comes from specific microorganism extracts. It's designed to directly target fungi, stopping their growth in its tracks. If you're tired of seeing your plants suffer from rot, Botryprot is the answer you've been looking for.

  • Targets fungi directly
  • Rich in nutrients and growth factors
  • Stops plant rot effectively

Benefits: More Than Just Rot Control

Botryprot is about stopping rot, but it also has nutritional properties that activate plant enzymes, promoting natural defence mechanisms. This makes it both a curative and preventive solution. Plus, it positively impacts both the quantity and quality of your harvest.

  • Activates plant enzymes
  • Curative and preventive
  • Enhances harvest quality

Applications: Versatility for Every Setting

Botryprot is effective against fungal rots like Botrytis and Sclerotinia, commonly caused by caterpillars or changing weather conditions. The product is suitable for outdoor, indoor, and greenhouse settings and helps to deal with the effects of temperature drops or increased humidity.

Combination Tips for Maximum Effectiveness

If you're facing an advanced fungal infection, consider combining Botryprot with Equiprot. While Botryprot halts the growth of the fungus, Equiprot dries it out, offering a comprehensive solution for plant care.

Dosage and Best Practices

When it comes to application, Botryprot is flexible. For foliar applications, a dosage of 2 to 2.5 ml/L every 10 to 15 days is recommended, depending on the severity of the attack. Make sure to apply it during low-light hours and thoroughly wet the entire plant, including the flowers.

Why Choose Botryprot from Experiencia Natural

At Experiencia Natural, we're committed to offering products that are both effective and environmentally responsible. Botryprot fits right into that philosophy, providing a safe, natural, and effective solution for plant care.