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Bioinductor resistance against diseases caused by several mildews and other fungi as Pythium Oomycetes. Perfect product for Disease Control of the roots and trunks. Its formulation acts directly on the fungus by contact and as an external elicitor that activates the defense mechanisms of the plant. Non-toxic and leaves no residue.

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Phytoprot Mildew for Growing Marijuana

Phytoprot-mildew consists of a mixture of macronutrients (PK) and elements for the growth of the microflora, which come from extracts of specific microorganisms, giving it a high resistance to attacks by fungi Oomycetes (mildews, etc.)


Phytoprot mildew acts as external elicitor. The product acts by three but complementatry ways triggering a reaction from the floot: 1. extracts of microorganisms induce activation of natural defense systems (negative effect on the fungus). 2. Combined Effect of Potassium phosphite which acts as a fungicidal agent inductor. 3. Aspect invigorating since Phytoprot Mildew provides optimal nutritional conditions for plants.


With Phytoprot Mildew will biologically control: - Diseases caused by Pythium root (P.aphanidermatum): fall of plant, cell necrosis, very common in nurseries (rooting) due to cold, wet soils. - Diseases of neck, roots, the roots, trunk, provoked by Phytophthora: claw-shaped leaves (curved down or folded like an umbrella) and general loss of turgor, becasue access to irrigation, poorly drained soils, poorly disinfected, flooding and agent transmitters (nematodes, etc.). A pH of 4.7 favors them. - Several Mildius as P.Destructor, P.Cubensis, P.Parasítica, P.Fragariae, P.Vitícola, P.Sparsa ... Phytoprot-Mildew is also recommendable for activating biologically the plant against attacks of fungi in general . Application mode: nurseries or other systems spread from the first rootlets (preventive/curative) applying the lowest doses. For the rest of plant will be applied in times of risk of such fungi (curative/preventive) optimizing the doses depending on the state of the crop. Do not fertilize with PK while using Phytoprot-Mildew. The product is usable by foliar application (spray) and root (irrigation). It is recommended to alternate the two forms of application dipping well the neck of the plant in both cases.

Dosage (at any time of plant development)

• Foliar: 2-3 ml/L every 10 -15 days depending on the state of cultivation. In newly germinated seedlings or cuttings with little root mass applied lower doses.

• Via irrigation: 2-5 ml/L per plant or pot (in total) depending on nutritional status and other factors. In newly germinated seedlings or cuttings with little root mass apply the following dose: 2-2.5 ml/L

Phytoprot-Mildew leaves no residue. Do not apply 15 days before harvesting.

Guaranteed enrichements:

Phosphorus (P2O2): 29% of Potassium
(K2O): 19%
Ester Acetic acid: 0.5%
Microorganism extracts: 6.8%


The composition, formulation and content is guaranteed. The user shall be liable for any damage caused (lack of efficacy, toxicity, waste, etc.) for total or partial failure in reading the instructions existing on this label. In case of accident or discomfort immediately contact a doctor. National Institute of Toxicology: 91 562 84 69.