Ripper Seeds is one of those marijuana seedbanks with highest quality strains, without being commercial. Probably if you are not an expert in Cannabis do not know them, so do not wait more, they have been surprising connossieurs in private since 2000 and since 2011 they strated to sell their seeds so that we can all access their genetic wonders.

Currently we sell the feminized Ripper Seeds genetics.

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Ripper Seeds Seed Bank

Ripper Seeds is one of the most prominent institutions in the European seed market for collectors. This seed bank was founded in Barcelona and is bases its work the search for the best seeds around, backed by seed enthusiasts from all over the world. In this article, we’ll explore some of the most important historical milestones of this seed bank, as well as a selection of their best seeds.

History and characteristics of Ripper Seeds

To explore the origins of Ripper Seeds, we have to travel back to the 2000s, when its multidisciplinary team began to come together to develop their first iconic strains. All those who participated in the creation of this seed bank were united by their passion for seeds, which soon became the main focus of their working life, resulting in one of the most influential seed banks in Spain.

During the 2000s, the Grow Shop sector in Spain was beginning to take form. It could be said that the development of these first collectors’ seed dispensaries and the founding of Ripper Seeds went hand in hand. The seed bank saw in this a phenomenal opportunity to materialize their project into the company we know today, in order to be able to market their cannabis seeds in the Grow Shops.

It would not be until 2011 that Ripper Seeds was officially founded as we know it today. After a decade of research, development and improvement of their seed varieties, they decided that it was the right time to enter the market. The seed bank's strains drew in the seed enthusiast community from the very beginning, meaning vast success was not far away. Despite its relatively short history, Ripper Seeds has several seed strains that are already hugely sought-after by collectors.

The philosophy of this seed bank has always been very clear: conducting research in order to offer the user the best possible products. Its hybrid seed strains, bred from marijuana families from all over the planet, are world renowned and vastly popular. The seed bank employs the use of the latest technology to obtain their newer strains, which they strive to improve each year.

Ripper Seeds’ packaging and preservation quality standards are equally impressive. All of their varieties are preserved in isolation to avoid contamination from one variety to another, which could significantly alter the final product. In addition, their high-quality packaging ensures that all seeds’ distinctive properties remain intact.

During the seed bank’s natural seed selection process, specimens with inferior characteristics are discarded, while any plant matter that may exist in the perianth of the seed is cleaned out. Thanks to their meticulous standards, Ripper Seeds is synonymous top quality seed varieties. At present, they have a wide catalogue of varieties, all of which you can find at the best price at Experiencia Natural.

Best varieties of Ripper Seeds

Below are just some of Ripper Seeds’ iconic seed varieties along with their various characteristic properties. To explore the seed bank’s full catalogue, we recommend you read the information sheets that can be found at the top of this page. Ripper Seeds’ strains are most admired for their top-quality, 100% feminized genetics that have received awards at many cannabis fairs.

Firstly, one of Ripper Seeds' most award-winning and appreciated strains is their Toxic strain. This seed variety has won a total of 8 trophies in various cannabis competitions since 2013, the year in which it was first introduced to the market. The main reason for its success is that it is a variety that comes from crossing two of Ripper Seeds’ best seeds: Ripper Haze and Criminal+.  

Zombie Kush feminized seeds are the most celebrated in the Ripper Seeds catalogue, having already won 20 cannabis cups. This variant is the product of the seed bank’s first genetic work, in which an old Lavender Kush clone was pollinated by the Amnesia variety from their private reserves.

Finally, Old School feminized cannabis seeds are another of the seed bank’s most popular products. It is also one of the very first strain produced by Ripper Seeds and comes from an exquisite selection of original plants grown for decades. This is one of the old-school Ripper Seeds strains that will satisfy the demands of cannabis seed collectors of yesteryear. It is a cross of the famous Cheese strain, from the English collective Exodus, with a powerful Afghani strain from the 90s.

For all of the above reasons, Ripper Seeds is one of the most renowned seed banks, not only in Spain, but also internationally. The meticulous research processes they carry out to obtain and improve their seed varieties are reflected in one of the most complete catalogues on the market, with strains from past and present possessing equally amazing characteristics.