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The feminized marijuana seeds Criminal + from Ripper Seeds offer all the taste of American genetics in a unique strain of potent effect and high yield.


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Criminal + feminized Ripper Seeds

The Ripper seed bank is characterized by using exclusive varieties to obtain their creations, this is the case of the Criminal + strain, which is a photodependent feminized variety created by crossing the Critical Mass, very popular among collectors for its yield and resistance, with a Double Glock, famous in the scene for its ability to produce high quality resin. The result is a productive, hardy strain with a fast flowering cycle and the ability to produce sweet, fruity aromas

What is Criminal + like?

The breeders at Ripper Seeds say that the Criminal + strain is capable of producing 80% indica-dominant individuals with a short stature. They also have short internodal distance and high resistance. Also this variety has a short vegetative cycle of only 2 weeks.

Due to its parental, the flowering time of Criminal + feminized by Ripper Seeds is short. In the case of indoor gardening, a flowering time of 50-55 days is reported, while outdoors, the life cycle of this strain can be completed by the last week of summer. In this period of time it has been reported that Criminal + can generate a very aromatic and eye-catching resin layer. 

Production capacity of Criminal +

The yields that Criminal + can produce are very high. Ripper Seeds does not give any figures for the production tests of this strain, although yields of over 500 grams per square metre can be expected in indoor crops, while even higher results can be expected in outdoor crops. 

Common effects

Ripper Seeds describes the effects that their Criminal + can produce as potent, meaning that these genetics have the ability to generate active cannabinoids such as THC. Indica-dominant strains are popular for their relaxing effects, and this can certainly be witnessed in Ripper Seeds' feminised Criminal +. 

Organoleptic properties

The organoleptic properties of Criminal + feminized are fruity and sweet, with possible presence of terpenes such as geraniol, limonene and ocimene

Main characteristics of Criminal +

Indoor and outdoor


Genotype: Indica dominant

Genetics: Critical Mass x Double Glock

THC: Not Declared

CBD: Not declared

Flowering: 50 - 55 days indoors or three weeks after end of summer outdoors

Yield: Very high