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Sour Ripper Auto cannabis seeds are here, a highly sought-after sativa-dominant strain developed by the reputable seed bank, Ripper Seeds. Known for its exceptional flavour and potent effects, Sour Ripper Auto is a true standout in the cannabis world.


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Sour Ripper Auto by Ripper Seeds

Sour Ripper Auto was carefully crafted through an intricate genetic crossing process, resulting in a unique feminized automatic version of the renowned Sour Diesel strain. By preserving the best qualities of its parent, Sour Ripper Auto showcases the remarkable flavour and power that cannabis enthusiasts have come to expect.

What is Sour Ripper Auto like?

As a sativa-dominant strain, Sour Ripper Auto delivers an awesome fast-growing, and being an autoflowering variety, it will automatically transition from the vegetative to flowering stage without requiring changes in light cycles.

Sour Ripper Auto is a medium-sized plant that adapts well to both indoor and outdoor cultivation. Its flowering period is relatively short, with harvest time typically falling between 65 and 70 days from germination.

Production capacity of Sour Ripper Auto

Sour Ripper Auto boasts a very high production capacity, with substantial yields in both indoor and outdoor environments. This strain is an excellent choice for growers seeking an abundant harvest without sacrificing potency or flavour.

Common effects

Sour Ripper Auto is known for its strong effects, characterized by a high THC content and relatively low CBD levels. The exact cannabinoid profile may vary, but this strain consistently provides a powerful and invigorating experience for users.

Aromatic properties of Sour Ripper Auto

The aromatic profile of Sour Ripper Auto is dominated by its dry, diesel-like scent, a signature characteristic inherited from its Sour Diesel lineage. Its complex terpene profile offers a captivating and memorable aroma.

Main Characteristics

  • Ripper Seeds
  • Indoor/Outdoor
  • Feminized Autoflowering Strain
  • Genetic cross: Sour Diesel
  • Plant type: Sativa-dominant
  • Flowering period from germination: 65 to 70 days
  • Production: Very high
  • Effect: Strong
  • Flavor: Dry, diesel-like

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