AK 47

AK 47 Strain

The AK47 strain is one of the most mythical and award-winning strains in the cannabis history. This strain came from a breeding work and then became so stable that it is now very uncommon to obtain new crosses, which is why it is now considered a different line.

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AK-47 was created by breeder Simon, the founder of Serious Seeds Bank. As a biology student in the Netherlands, Simon was marveled by the marijuana world soon after a trip to Africa in the early 1980s. From that moment, he began to collect strains and later founded his own seedbank, which he called Serious Seeds.

During 1992, in Amsterdam, Simon worked with different crosses to breed new marijuana strains. According to the breeder, after thousands of crosses with unsatisfactory results, he had a "rare stroke of luck", to find a hybrid 65% sativa that he immediately identified as the "highest quality" and with "much charisma". He quickly put it on the market but not without working on its potential, always trying to perfect his masterpiece. Even though Simon does not want to reveal the ingredients of this wonderful plant, it is known that its origin is in a cross between Colombian, Mexican, Thai and Afghani landraces.

In the 1999 Cannabis Cup, AK47 was already the most powerful strain ever tested in this competition, since in the laboratory tests it reached 21.5% THC.

In relation to the name he decided to give to this strain, Simon explains that he did not want to relate it at all to violence or to the military field and decided on this name due to the enormous power of its plant, which hits in a very special way all those who have tested it.

5 advantages of AK 47 cannabis strains 

1. High THC Content: AK 47 cannabis strains are known for their high THC content, which can range from 18-25%. This makes them ideal for experienced users who are looking for a strong psychoactive effect.

2. Aroma and Flavor: AK 47 cannabis strains have a unique aroma and flavor that is often described as being sweet and earthy. This makes them a great choice for those who enjoy the taste of cannabis.

3. Potency: AK 47 cannabis strains are known for their potency. This makes them a great choice for those who are looking for a strong and long-lasting high.

4. Versatility: AK 47 cannabis strains can be used for a variety of purposes, including recreational use, medical use, and even as an ingredient in edibles.

5. Easy to Grow: AK 47 cannabis strains are relatively easy to grow, making them a great choice for novice growers.

AK47 Seeds

At Experiencia Natural grow shop we offer to you a wide range of AK 47 strains, among them we would like to highlight:

Obviously the Serious Seeds AK 47, the original strain has created by Simon and available in both feminized and regular version. In this case we are talking about the purest genetics and the one devised by its creator as he made it reach the world.

From France comes the Sativa des Rois, from French Touch Seeds. A version of the AK47 acclimatized in the country of the cheese and obtained from the selection and crosses with original clones of this strain.

From Advanced Seeds comes the Kaya 47 available in feminized and autoflowering version. A selection of strains of this variety chosen to give priority to power and production over other factors.