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Buy Elite 47 feminized seeds from Elite Seeds seedbank. This is a variety of legendary genetics to come from a cross between specimens of the AK family, with sweet aroma and active cannabinoids.


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Elite 47 feminized seeds by Elite Seeds

The Elite Seeds marijuana seed bank has one of the best varieties of the AK family, the Elite 47. To create this variety, the breeders of this Spanish seed bank crossed AK Sativas with the best characteristics. Elite Seeds has one of the best strain cellars that they have been pampering and maintaining since the early 2000s. Belonging to this reserve there is a special female AK specimen, which has been maintained until a suitable version with active cannabinoids was obtained.

What is Elite 47 like?

The AK family is characterized by its hybridism and shows characteristics of the two most important sub-genres of Cannabis. However, this Elite 47 is 80% sativa-dominant. Therefore, the structure of the plants obtained with Elite 47 seeds is mainly Sativa, with intermediate internodal distance, medium-high size and proliferation of flowers of medium density and size.

Elite Seeds breeders report that Elite 47 can complete the full life cycle within 9 weeks indoors and by the first week of autumn in outdoor gardening. This is an excellent life cycle considering that it is a strain with a clear Sativa character. It is also reported that this strain responds well to high doses of nutrition and is versatile in that it performs well in hydro mediums, soil substrate, etc.

Elite 47 yields

The maximum yield of the Elite 47 marijuana seeds is very high, something that Elite Seeds emphasizes first and foremost. However, no approximate yield figures are available, as the seedbank has not yet announced this data.

Common effects

The AK family is one of the most prized for its ability to generate active cannabinoids. This is true of Elite 47 from Elite Seeds. This strain has recorded up to 19% THC in cannabinoid tests. In addition, thanks to its Sativa genetics, this variety is likely to promote euphoric and long-lasting sensations.

Organoleptic properties

The Elite Seeds team always strives for strains with interesting aromas and the key feature of their strains often lies in the organoleptic properties. This is reflected in Elite 47, a variety that can reproduce genuine sweet aromas, with fruity and very intense touches. It is an aromatic variety that can reach high concentrations of terpenes such as geraniol, ocimene and guaiol.

Characteristics of Elite 47

  • Feminized
  • Indoor and outdoor
  • Genotype: 80% sativa-indica
  • Genetics: AK 47
  • THC: 19%.
  • CBD: Not declared
  • Flowering: 9 weeks indoors and first week of autumn outdoors
  • Production: High