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The new strain from Elite Seeds is the Novarine THCV rich. It is a strain with a high THCV production capacity, up to a THCV:THC ratio of 10:8.


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Novarine THCV Rich Feminized Seeds

The Spanish seedbank Elite Seeds is popularly known for their research into new cannabinoids such as CBDV and THCV. They carry out dedicated research before introducing their new strains, such as the new Novarine THCV. A THCV rich strain fully developed in the laboratories at the University of Valencia with unique characteristics.

What is Novarine THCV Rich like?

To create this variety, Elite Seeds have combined a landrace line of Thailand, used to contain novel cannabinoids such as THCV. The cross also is part of the Caprichosa Thai variety, which provides predominant Sativa traits. 

The Novarine THCV Rich feminized seed strain can produce tall plants with clear Sativa dominance. This is attested to by a genetic split of 80% Sativa, which according to the manufacturer can result in plants with vigorous growth and profuse branching. Experts agree that this variety easily supports techniques such as SCROG or supercropping due to the great height it can register.

As for the flowering time of this strain, it is estimated that Novarine THCV Rich can complete this part of the plants' life cycle in an estimated 10 weeks.

Novarine THCV Rich Production

The Elite Seeds seedbank does not report exact yield figures for the Novarine THCV Rich strain, although they do reflect how this strain can produce large yields. Considering that this is a Sativa strain, it can be assumed that Novarine THCV Rich produces flowers of elongated size and medium density.

Common effects

According to the seedbank, Novarine THCV Rich has a THCV:THC ratio of 10:8. This means that it has more THCV than THC. The former cannabinoid can offer stimulating psychoactive effects as well as a feeling of satiety. Many experts agree that THCV does not produce as much desire to eat as THC can.

Organoleptic properties

Novarine THCV Rich seeds can produce a wide range of terpenes, ranging from floral to spicy, with slight hints of pine and aniseed. In addition to fresh, pronounced aromas.

Characteristics of Novarine THCV

Indoor and outdoor


Genotype: Indica 20% and Sativa 80%.

Genetics: Thai Landrace x Caprichosa Thai

Cannabinoids: THCV:THC, 10:8

Height: Not declared

Flowering: 10 weeks indoor, harvest in October in the Northern Hemisphere

Yield: High

Planting: Spring or all year round with artificial light