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Fast Buds' Original Auto AK marijuana seeds offer all the goodness of the classic AK with all of today's enhancements in an auto-flowering version. Powerful effect, highly appreciated taste and creative feelings.


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Original Auto AK Autoflowering Marijuana Seeds

Original Auto AK autoflowering marijuana seeds are part of the Fast Buds seedbank Original, which offers updated versions of classic famous strains. This is a Sativa dominant autoflowering variety and the effect is not as overwhelming as the original one but more in the other hand is more creative and suitable for more minds.

How is Original Auto AK structure?

Original Auto AK weed develops medium sized plants with long buds filled with resin. It has a short to medium internodal distance and is very a homogeneous plant. It has also proved to be very resistant to both pests and fungi, as well as to bad weather.

Original Auto AK is very easy to grow in any medium and its small width allows many plants in a very small space. For its harvest, from germination to collection, it takes a period of 9 weeks both indoors and outdoors.

How much does Original Auto AK produce?

This classic version has a high production. When grown indoors in a regime of 20 hours of light per day, is capable of reaching 500 grams per square meter while for crops made outdoors with sunlight, its yield reaches 200 grams per plant.

What effect does Original Auto AK produce?

The effect of Original Auto AK is powerful but not too strong, is more energetic, gentle and creative. The effects can be felt quickly and are accompanied by an energetic feeling that gradually turns into a final relaxation.

What does Original Auto AK taste like?

Original Auto AK flowers offer the classic AK touch, a delicious aromas blend and flavours that expert tasters always like. You can find everything from fruity tones to spicy tones or wood-aged citrus.

C4 marijuana features

  • Interior and exterior
  • Autoflowering feminized
  • Genotype: Autoflowering hybrid with Sativa dominance
  • Genetics: AK x Ruderalis
  • Cannabinoids: 21% THC and very low CBD.
  • Height: up to 100 cm.
  • Complete Cycle: 9 weeks (indoor and outdoor)
  • Yield: up to 500 gr/m2; outdoors up to 200 grams per plant
  • Seedling: Spring to summer in outside or all the year with artificial light.