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The feminized Banana Blaze marijuana seeds are a "rebirth" of one the favorite strains of Dutch Passion breeders. Now available the incredible taste and aroma of banana for all budgets!


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Banana Blaze Feminized Marijuana Seeds

The feminized marijuana seeds Banana Blaze are one of the 2020 Dutch Passion Bank new strains. This genetics have been saved by the breeders of this seedbank since the 90s, now they have decided to "reborn" it!, as it is one of their favorites. They were selecting Banana Indica for many years until they find this fantastic Banana Blaze, which impresses with its terpene profile and its vigour. Banana Blaze offers a unique aroma at an unbeatable price!

How is Banana Blaze structure?

Banana Blaze genetics grow vigorously developing robust plants, christmas tree shaped, with a large lateral branches. Its compact shape means that it does not grow more than 150cm high, making it an excellent strain to grow in a greenhouse. At the end of the flowering it presents long and delicious-looking buds, which release an intense fruity aroma.

This variety takes about 8 weeks to finish indoor flowering, while outdoors it can be harvested about a week after the end of summer.

About growing Banana Blaze we must advise that it does not like to eat so much, if you want to get its full potential do not feed it a lot, give it more love than nutrients.

How much yield does Banana Blaze produce?

As like other Dutch Passion Bank strains, we have no specific yield values but it is known that Banana Blaze has a high yield. Indoors it can reach 500 grams per square meter and outdoors it can exceed 700 grams per plant.

What effect does Banana Blaze produce?

The plants of Banana Blaze have a high THC level but the bank does not specify the exact values. When tastinf its feeling is more body and relaxing, so it is ideal for smoking at the end of the day.

What does Banana Blaze taste like?

One of the most distinctive features of Banana Blaze is its fruity aroma and taste, with a strong and intense banana aroma that can be found both in the nose and in the mouth, mainly during inhalation.

Characteristics of Banana Blaze Marijuana:

  • Feminized
  • Indoor/outdoor
  • Genotype: Indica
  • Genetics: Banana Indica genetics
  • THC: Hig THC (undeclared)
  • CBD: undeclared
  • Indoor yield: Up to 500gr/m2
  • Outdoor yield: Up to 700gr/plant
  • Flowering: 8 weeks indoors, 1 week after the end of summer outdoors
  • Height: medium

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