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Those looking for powerful CBD strains with high CBD levels will definitely love this feminized Kush, which has a THC:CBD ratio of 1:1. CBD Kush is very easy to grow and has a flowering period of 9 weeks.


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Feminized CBD Kush Marijuana Seeds

CBD Kush is a strain from Dutch Passion in collaboration with the CBD Crew bank of seeds which was started in order to find Kush genetics with high levels of CBD, trying to reach the ratio THC:CBD of 1:1. CBD Kush was created as a result of mixing Kandy Kush, from which a phenotype was chosen with a good amount of THC, with a strain of Cannabis with high CBD in its flowers, combining sativa qualities (40%) with the indica (60%) forming a great blend.

CBD Kush is very easy to grow and gives excellent results both in indoor and outdoor cultivations as well as in a greenhouse. It grows up to 1 meter in height with an excellent leaf/flower ratio. Its growth and resulting structure are strongly Indica.

After 9 weeks of waiting will be able to collect very interesting crops that release a delicious aroma. The resulting buds will have long orange pistils being covered with a shiny layer of crystals.

CBD Kush is expected to contain 7% of THC and CBD. It was especially created for those users looking for a potent body high, narcotic and relaxing, with a light and steady euphoria to accompany it.

Features of CBD Kush Marijuana:

Genotype: 60% indica, 40% Sativa

THC: 7% CBD: 7%

Genetics: Kandy Kush x unknown

Flowering: 63 days

Harvest: early October


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