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Dutch Passion's feminised Critical Orange Punch seeds are a novelty from this bank and offer a genetic from the Skunk family with high yield and fast flowering. All the quality of this seedbank and a very economical price.


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Critical Orange Punch Feminized Marijuana Seeds

Critical Orange Punch feminized marijuana seeds, a novelty from Dutch Passion sedbank to offer the best of the Skunk family at a very affordable price andcertified by the quality to which this bank has already accustomed us. It is a cross between a hybrid of Grandaddy Purple and Orange Bud with a Kritikal Bilbo (which gives its fast flowering outdoors characteristics), allows to obtain a plant with great yields, delicious taste and a very fast flowering.

With a rather compact structure, Critical Orange Punch is a plant capable of offering a large number of flowers in a small space. It grows vigorously to a height of 1.5 metres and in the shape of a shrub which, at the end of flowering, is capable of producing long, resin-impregnated tails. Due to its resistance, speed and simplicity of cultivation it is a plant suitable for any kind of grower, whether he is very or little experienced. It tolerates well mistakes in its nutrition and adapts to any type of culture medium.

Critical Orange Punch is a very productive plant, which offers high yields and high quality. Indoors, after 8 weeks. Outdoors, with the sunlight, it will be ready for harvesting very close to the week that the summer ends.

The effect of Critical Orange Punch is powerful, with a predominance of the cerebral over the physical high. This plant has an long lasting effect and is ideal for having a good time with friends.

In relation to the flavor and aroma of Critical Orange Punch, as its name suggests, it has intense orange shades that are mixed with a strong Skunk component and a hashish background. It is a pleasure for the senses and will delight the most expert tasters.

Characteristics of Critical Orange Punch Marijuana



Genotype: Indica

Genetics: (Grandaddy Purple x Orange Bud) x Kritikal Bilbo

THC: more than 20%.

CBD: undeclared

Indoor yield: very high, unspecified values

Outdoor yield: very high, values not specified

Flowering: 8 weeks indoors, close to the end of summer outdoors

Height: medium