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Hifi 4G feminized marijuana seeds are one of Dutch Passion's latest projects with exclusive American strains. Ideal to relax, it is a strain that perfects the senses and allows living the music differently. 


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Hifi 4G Feminized Marijuana Seeds

The feminized marijuana seeds Hifi 4G are a novelty of the Dutch Passion bank and one of the last projects of this bank developed with strains originating from the American continent. Fruit of the crossing of the Wifi OG with the Glueberry OG of this bank, is a strain that promises to take the sensory perception to a new level.

Meet HiFi 4G, the no-fuss, high-yield seed that even beginners can't mess up. Imagine a seed so robust and quick to flower that it practically takes care of itself. With branches that are the epitome of strength and a vitality that's off the charts, HiFi 4G is the go-to for those who prefer to let nature do its thing.

The Aroma: Earthy, Spicy, and Woody with a Fruity Punch

HiFi 4G is a sensory delight, boasting a Kush aroma that's impossible to ignore. Picture the scent of a dense forest, laced with spicy undertones and a citrusy zing. This seed offers a broad spectrum of terpenes, including both Alpha-Pinene and Beta-Pinene, along with the more common Myrcene and Limonene. The moment you encounter it, the room fills with an aroma that's nothing short of captivating.

Strength and Structure: A Plant That Stands Tall

Known for its remarkable vigor and sturdy, thick branches, HiFi 4G is a sight to behold. It grows at a pace that outshines most hybrid varieties, and even the leaf stems are more robust than you'd expect. Its branches are so rigid that they resist bending or breaking, making it a prime candidate for SOG cultivation methods. And let's not forget the massive, elongated flower formations that can stretch beyond 40-50cm in some phenotypes.

The Genetics: A Powerhouse Blend

HiFi 4G is the result of meticulous genetic engineering, a blend of WiFi OG and the award-winning, resin-rich Glueberry OG. Imagine the earthy, fuel-like aroma of WiFi OG meeting the fruity, earthy scent of Glueberry OG. It's a terpene profile that's as unique as it is delightful, offering a robust and potent experience for any collector.

Cannabinoid Profile: A High-Scoring Contender

HiFi 4G grows faster than you'd expect from a predominantly Indica Kush variety. During the flowering phase, the plants continue to grow, sometimes more than you'd anticipate for an 8-week flowering cannabis plant. The plants have a hybrid structure that leans more towards the Indica side. The thick branches can easily break, especially during the growth phase, and are not easy to manipulate. Therefore, it is better to grow them naturally or in SOG. With the latter method, you will achieve the maximum possible yield.

Effects: A Symphony for Your Senses

While we can't recommend consumption, collectors often note that HiFi 4G seems to enhance music appreciation. It's as if the music becomes richer, deeper, and clearer, making you feel like you're right next to the musician or artist. This high-THC feminized variety combines a creative and enjoyable high with a calming mental effect. Due to its potency, it doesn't take much to achieve a powerful, long-lasting effect.

Flowering Period: A Swift Journey to Maturity

HiFi 4G flowers in an average of 8 weeks, making it one of the plants with the shortest photoperiodic flowering period in the collection. In unfavorable conditions, the flowering period may last a bit longer and will need about 9-10 weeks of flowering to fully mature.

Harvest: A Bounty Awaits

HiFi 4G has a fast flowering period and high productivity. Its long, thick, and compact buds are the reason why this variety has received XL quality. In the right hands, it can grow into a plant with XXL buds and reward the grower with a more than generous harvest.

Expert Tips

HiFi 4G is an easy-to-grow plant suitable for beginners but can be a challenge for experts if they want to get the most out of it. After several harvests with this lady, you will learn to understand her and she will give you an extremely high yield.

More About HiFi 4G

It's very easy to get good yields with this variety that is so easy to grow. A rich and delicious terpene profile, exceptional vigor, and a thick layer of beautiful trichomes make this XL variety a perfect candidate for, for example, making concentrates.

Collector's Delight: Why HiFi 4G is a Must-Have

For those who are passionate about collecting unique and high-quality seeds, HiFi 4G is a treasure trove. Its distinct genetic makeup and unparalleled aroma make it a standout in any collection. The seeds themselves are a work of art, each one encapsulating years of research, expertise, and a commitment to quality that's second to none. This is a collectible that not only adds value to your collection but also serves as a conversation starter among enthusiasts.

Quality Assurance: The HiFi 4G Promise

When you add HiFi 4G to your collection, you're not just acquiring seeds; you're investing in a legacy of quality. Each seed undergoes rigorous quality checks to ensure it meets the highest standards. From the moment it's harvested to the time it reaches your hands, every step is meticulously managed to ensure you're getting nothing but the best.

Storage and Longevity: Keep Your Investment Safe

Proper storage is key to maintaining the quality of your HiFi 4G seeds. These seeds have a remarkable shelf life when stored in cool, dry conditions. Think of it as securing a vintage wine; the right environment can preserve its essence for years. Your HiFi 4G seeds are not just a purchase but a long-term investment that, when stored correctly, will stand the test of time.

Customer Support: We're Here for You

Got questions? We've got answers. Our customer support team is always on standby to assist you with any queries you may have about HiFi 4G. Whether you're curious about its unique terpene profile or want to know more about its robust genetic lineage, we're here to provide you with all the information you need. Your satisfaction is our top priority, and we go the extra mile to ensure you have a seamless experience from start to finish.

Final Thoughts: Why HiFi 4G is Unbeatable

There are seeds, and then there's HiFi 4G. This is a collectible that transcends the ordinary, offering a blend of features that are hard to find in a single package. From its robust structure and rapid flowering to its unique aroma and long-lasting effects, HiFi 4G is in a league of its own. It's the epitome of what a high-quality seed should be, and it's waiting for you to discover its greatness.

Characteristics of Hifi 4G Marijuana

  • Feminized
  • Indoor/outdoor
  • Genotype: hybrid
  • Genetics: WiFi OG x Glueberry OG
  • THC: 20%.
  • CBD: undeclared
  • Indoor yield: high, unspecified values
  • Outdoor yield: high, values not specified
  • Flowering: 8 weeks indoors, close to the end of summer outdoors
  • Height: medium

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