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AutoFrisian Dew from Dutch Passion is the automatic version of is of Frisian Dew that can be harvested in 10 weeks. This Marijuana strain stands out for its beautiful purple flowers.


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AutoFrisian Dew Autoflowering Marijuana Seeds

In order to obtain a good autoflowering version of their Frisian Dew, Dutch Passion has worked intensely with various generations of plants to obtain improved versions like this optimized AutoFrisian Dew.

Among several improvements, this new AutoFrisian Dew is based on a Purple phenotype, thanks to which the plants produce beautiful purple flowers, which greatly contrast with the intense green leaves. Besides the look, this automatic strain as also an improved taste, it is stronger, less vulnerable to mold and has a fasdter flowering period.

The plant is able to reach moderate heights, ranging from 50 to 100 cm. Its flowering period lasts 10 and 12 weeks from seed germination and develops perfectly in hot climates. In fact, the cold slows down a bit the rate of its maturation. We recommend to not cultivate it under cold weathers, do it in a growing room or in a greenhouse.

The productivity of AutoFrisian Dew is also variable: for a beginner grower, AutoFrisian Dew can yield 55 grams, but for an experience grower, this strain can double this amount.

Finally, the effect of AutoFrisian Dew is potent and relaxing.

Features of AutoFrisian Dew Marijuana:

  • Autoflowering
  • Indoor and Outdoor
  • Genotype: hybrid Auto
  • THC: undeclared
  • CBD: undeclared
  • Genetics: created from Frisian Dew
  • Flowering: 70 days
  • Crop 10 weeks

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