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AutoUltimate Marijuana is the automatic version of The Ultimate retaining the quality of the original version. It is high-yielder, ha a delicious aroma and provides a potent high.


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AutoUltimate Autoflowering Marijuana Seeds

AutoUltimate was created by crossing the original strain with two of Dutch Passion's best autoflowering cannabis varieties: AutoMazar and The Ultimate. This cross has resulted in an incredible automatic strain that is considered to be "one of the best combinations available on the market."

AutoUltimate is an automatic Cannabis strain that, besides being very easy to grow offers heavy yields and great taste and smell.

This hybrid thrive well in indoor and outdoor cultivations as well as in a greenhouse. AutoUltimate presents a strong and ramified structure with long buds, reaching about 80 to 100cm in height. The plants are ready to be harvested in 10 weeks after seed germination. At this time the plant will already have lot of buds not only on the central stem, but each branch will be covered with flowers and with thick and whitish lines, bathed in crystals.

The buds of AutoUltimate have a delicious perfume and a sweetish taste that retains the same quality that the original give us. Due to its uniform genetics, this strain will also have a great performance.

The effect of AutoUltimate is quite strong.

Features of AutoUltimate Marijuana:

  • Feminized autoflowering
  • Indoor and outdoor
  • Genotype: hybrid
  • THC : undeclared
  • CBD: undeclared
  • Genetics: The Ultimate x AutoMazar
  • Flowering: 70 days
  • Crop: 10 weeks