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Autoflowering Auto Critical Orange Punch marijuana seeds come from the Dutch Passion seedbank. It's the first autoflowering Critical strain introduced by this seedbank. With great yields for an automatic plant and a very economical price it is a genetic that auto lovers have to take into account.


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Auto Critical Orange Punch Autoflowering Marijuana Seeds

Feminized autoflowering Auto Critical Orange Punch is the sisters of the Critical Orange Punch, it's introduced by Dutch Passion as the first Autoflowering Critical in their catalog. It is the result of the cross between Critical Punch hybrid (Grandaddy Purple x Orange Bud) with an auto-flowering Kritikal Bilbo XXL, this genetic promises very good yields, fast flowering and a very economical price.

Auto Critical Orange Punch is a plant that is very easy to grow and adaptable to any type of growing medium or grower. It has a compact structure and can reach up to about 1 meter in height, so it is a strain that can offer high yields in little space, making it ideal for crops in guerrilla or balcony. At the end of its flowering, this plant develop long tails of flowers completely covered with aromatic resin. It also highlights the density of its buds, which are very heavy and hard as rocks.

Auto Critical Orange Punch is a high yield plant, although Dutch Passion does not indicate specific values. In about 70 days it can offer huge quantities of high quality fruits. It should be noted that some of the phenotypes of this genetics may take one or two weeks longer to finish flowering, but this delay is more than compensated for by the final results of the plants.

Auto Critical Orange Punch flavor and aroma is very similar to its feminized sister and, in it, the orange shades, the afghano hashish and the Skunk shades stand out.

Auto Critical Orange Punch has a powerful effect, mostly cerebral and euphoric and allows you to enjoy a pleasant time with friends.

Characteristics of Auto Critical Orange Punch Marijuana

Feminized Auto


Genotype: autoflowering with predominantly Sativa

Genetics: (Grandaddy Purple x Orange Bud) x Auto Kritikal Bilbo XXL

THC: not declared

CBD: undeclared

Yield: XXL, undeclared values

Complete cycle: 10 weeks (indoor and outdoor)

Height: Up to 1 meter

Planting: From spring to summer (all year round indoors)