Wing Reflector | Cultivation of Marijuana


The Wings reflector is a gull wing shaped reflector ideal for increasing the growing area without having to change the bulb. Ideal for perfect light diffusion at the most economical price on the market!

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Wings reflector for growing marijuana

The Wings reflector is a gull wing shaped reflector ideal for passing all the lumens produced by the bulb directly for your plants. It comes with an E40 socket mounted and ready to plug into your favourite ballast. Its conformation of gull wings allows you to get, with the same bulb, increase the cultivation area that can offer you a basic reflector. It works in a similar way to the mythical Adjust A Wing but with a much cheaper price.

The Wings reflector is made of anodized aluminum with a stucko finish that allows an impressive reflective capacity. In addition to all that is a reflective with a very economic price, virtually unbeatable in any reflective of similar characteristics.

This reflector can be used with bulbs from 250W to 600W, allowing to increase the cultivated area by about 25%, up to a maximum of 1.50 square meters. This type of reflector is valid for all types of bulbs whether HPS, CFL or MH. An adapter is required for LEC bulbs.

Features of Wings reflector

  • Size: 50x50cm
  • Materials: Aluminium and ceramic
  • Maximun lamp power: Between 250W and 600W
  • All types of indoor cultivation


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