Cooltube Reflector


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The Cooltube reflector is connected to an extractor fan of the same size and directly removes the heat from the grow light. The Cooltube is very useful, it keeps the grow room temperature and humidity much more stable.

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Cooltube Reflector

Sale of the Cooltube reflector, a type of reflector for sodium lamps very useful, since it can be coupled to extractors and extraction tube, in order to remove the heat emitted by the lamp from the grow room.

Its operation is very simple, at both ends it has nozzles that have the same standard size as the most common extraction tubes. In this way it is possible to make a closed circuit where an extractor blows or absorbs the hot air from the lamp and takes it out of the grow room.

The advantages of a cooltube reflector are many, on the one hand, it allows the hot air to be removed from the grow room before it reaches the plants. This makes it easier to control the temperature in the grow room.

By removing the heat from the lamp with forced air, it enables the lights to be brought closer to the plants, with the consequent increase in the lumens they receive, without having to use more power. Just bringing the lamp closer is like getting much more power, and with a cooltube reflector you can do it quickly and easily.

This Cooltube ventilated reflector product includes the tube, socket and wings. Extractors and tubes are not included.

Available in the following sizes

Mouth diameter: 125mm. Suitable for lamps from 250W up to 600W.

Mouth diameter: 150mm. Suitable for lamps from 600W up to 1000W.

Application of the cooltube

All types of indoor growing.