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The reducer adaptor connects to a climate control device or accessory and allows the size of the mouth to be reduced or increased. The reducing adapter is very useful, as it allows products with different nozzle sizes to be connected.

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Reducing adapter for extraction

Reducing adapter for sale, a very useful accessory for the climate control of an indoor cultivation. It allows connecting extractors, filters and extraction tubes with different sizes of mouths.

Its operation is very simple, one of its two ends has a mouth of one size, while at the other end there is another mouth of a different size. In this way it is possible, for example, to connect an extractor with a 150 nozzle to a filter with a 125 nozzle or vice versa. A very useful accessory for all indoor growing.

This reflective reducing adapter product is available in 3 sizes, each of them is a step up or down in the standard extraction systems on the market. 

In other shops you will see reducers that are more than 1 step up or down. For example, from 100mm to 150mm, we do not have these available as they are not safe for extractors as they create too much stress by reducing the size of the air passage too much.

Available in the following sizes

Mouth diameter: 100mm, with another 125mm mouth.

Mouth diameter: 125mm, with another mouth of 150mm.

Mouth diameter: 150mm, with another 200mm mouth.

Reducing adapter applications

All types of indoor cultivation with an extraction system installed.