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Now available in Experiencia Natural the Watermark XL reflector, one of the best solutions to get the best light distribution on indoor crops.

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Watermark XL reflector for indoor growing

One of the most important elements when setting up an indoor crop is the wise use of the resources, especially energy. Light is not free and no grower will want to spend more than normal on this resource. For this reason, the use of high quality reflectors such as the Watermark XL reflector is one of the best options to make the most of this resource.

The use of this tool allows the light that comes out of the bulbs to bounce off the reflector panel and falls directly on the plants. This ensures that no light is wasted and that every last lumen of light falls evenly on the plants in the crop.

In fact, another advantage of the Waterman XL reflector system is that the light is evenly distributed over the plants. This reflector, designed for grow rooms and grow tents, provides a very uniform light on the plants.

The importance of the light falling evenly on the plants is that all plants grow evenly. When these types of devices are not used, it is possible to produce hot and cold areas, or light and dark areas, where the light does not penetrate properly and this ultimately results in larger and smaller plants.

If systems such as the Watermark XL are not used, it is possible to reduce the yield. Plants that have not been properly exposed to light will produce smaller fruits or flowers, with less density and poorer properties. On the other hand, very hot areas can produce very tall plants that end up burning.

The Watermark XL reflective device has a reflective sheet made of aluminium, a lightweight material that allows for optimal light reflection. In addition, this device has a hammered finish, also known as stucco, which makes the reflection even higher.

The device comes unassembled for easy and discreet shipping. It is a large reflector, with a full size of 55 cm x 56 cm when assembled.

The Watermark reflector, in short, is the best solution for those who are looking for a product with excellent value for money to homogenise the light that falls on the plants and who are looking to waste no energy at all.