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Ona Gel is a natural odor neutralizer being one of the most famous products from Ona. You can use it in your Marijuana crops, at home or in

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Meet ONA Gel, an extraordinary odor neutralizer that brings the freshness of summer rain right into your space. This isn't just another air freshener; it's a powerful ally in combating intense odors, including that of cannabis. It's like having a breath of fresh air, anytime, anywhere.

  • Transforms your environment with a natural aroma
  • Highly effective against cannabis and other strong odors
  • Easy to use and forget until you need it again
  • Safe for home and business use

What sets ONA Gel apart is its unique form. Unlike sprays that dissipate quickly, this gel-based neutralizer works continuously to keep your environment smelling fresh. Just place it and forget it; ONA Gel will do the heavy lifting for you.

Formulated with a blend of industrial-grade essential oils, ONA Gel is not only potent but also safe. Feel free to use it around people, pets, and even plants. It's the perfect balance of efficacy and safety, making it an ideal choice for both homes and businesses.

  • Industrial-grade essential oils for maximum effectiveness
  • Safe for use around people, pets, and plants
  • Long-lasting formula keeps working even when you're not looking
  • Perfect for both residential and commercial spaces

When it comes to versatility, ONA Gel has you covered. Use it in closets, gym bags, RVs, cars, and more. It's effective against a wide range of odors, from cigarette and cigar smoke to musty bathrooms and even burnt smells. Just remove the lid and place it under your car seat or inside your bag, and let ONA work its magic.

Experiencia Natural recommends ONA Gel as the go-to solution for odor issues during the flowering or drying phases of plant cultivation. It's also your ultimate weapon against lingering smoke odors. This gel doesn't just mask odors; it captures odor particles and neutralizes them, leaving a gentle fragrance in its wake.

Using ONA Gel is a breeze. Simply open the lid and let it evaporate gradually. For larger areas, you can distribute the gel in multiple containers around the house. The more you spread it, the faster it will work, giving you complete control over the area you want to cover.

How to Use ONA Gel

It's simple: Open the lid and let the ONA Gel evaporate naturally. Stir the container occasionally to refresh its potency. If you need to cover a larger area or tackle stronger odors, you can attach an ONA Breeze fan to the top of the jar to enhance the product's dispersion.

For extremely large areas, ONA offers a solution with their larger gel sizes and the ONA Cyclone fan, which comes with five speed settings and provides odor control for up to 464.52 m².

Available Fragrances in ONA Gel

Currently, the available fragrance for ONA Spray are the following ones, designed to offer a balanced and neutral aroma suitable for various settings.

  • Pro
  • Fresh Linnen
  • Polar Crystal
  • Apple Crumble

Ona Gel is available in 1 Lt, 4 lt and 20 lt formats