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Sale of the CAN anti-odour filter, this is the Lite model to remove odours in all types of indoor crops. Maximum quality at the best price.

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Anti-odour filter CAN Lite for indoor cultivation

CAN anti-odour filters for indoor crops, the most prestigious brand in the sector. This filter is the most effective way to remove the smell coming from your indoor crop thanks to the Can Lite technology.

These anti-odour filters are manufactured by the Can brand and offer superior quality. They are made of stainless steel and materials of the highest quality and durability.

CAN Filters has specialized in the design, development and production of the best activated carbon filters. CAN Filters is Europe's largest manufacturer, producing reliable filters of the highest quality. They have a unique system of filling, vibrating and assembling filters that prevents the production of dust. In addition, the activated carbon used in the manufacture of CAN Filters results in a pelletised product with thousands of mesopores and micropores through which the extracted air passes. This carbon called CKV-4 is the best natural material for odour control. The pre-filter is also of high quality and prevents the micropores from clogging in dusty environments.

Extractor sizes and extraction capacity for the selection of the right model for your extractor fan.

Table of CAN filter sizes

100 mm mouth (light plastic):

Lite 150 mouth 100 (150 - 165 m3/h) Height: 25cm. Contains 0.9kg of activated carbon.

Lite 300 mouth 100 (300 - 330 m3/h) Height: 45cm. Contains 1.4kg activated carbon.

Lite 425S mouth 100 (425 - 470 m3/h) Height: 60cm. Contains 1.8kg of activated carbon.

Mouth 125 millimetres (lightweight plastic):

Lite 150 mouth 125 (150 - 165 m3/h) Height: 25cm. Contains 1.1kg of activated carbon.

Lite 300 mouth 125 (300 - 330 m3/h) Height: 45cm. Contains 1.8kg activated carbon.

Lite 425S mouth 125 (425 - 470 m3/h) Height: 60cm. Contains 2.1kg of activated carbon.

Mouth 150 millimetres (galvanised steel):

Lite 425S mouth 150 (425 - 467 m3/h) Height: 35cm. Contains 1.9kg activated carbon.

Lite 600 mouth 150 (600 - 660 m3/h) Height: 47cm. Contains 2.2kg activated carbon.

Lite 800 mouth 150 (800 - 880 m3/h) Height: 33cm. Contains 2.4kg of activated carbon.

Mouth 200 millimetres (galvanised steel):

Lite 800 mouth 200 (800 - 880 m3/h) Height: 33cm. Contains 3.4kg of activated carbon.

Lite 1000 mouth 200 (1000 - 1100 m3/h) Height: 50cm. Contains 5.1kg activated carbon.

Lite 1500 mouth 200 (1500 - 1650 m3/h) Height: 75cm. Contains 6.9kg of activated carbon.

Mouth 250 millimetres (galvanised steel):

Lite 1000 mouth 250 (1000 - 1100 m3/h) Height: 50cm. Contains 5.1kg of activated carbon.

Lite 1500 mouth 250 (1500 - 1650 m3/h) Height: 75cm. Contains 8kg of activated carbon.

Lite 2000 mouth 250 (2000 - 2200 m3/h) Height: 100cm. Contains 10kg of activated carbon.

Lite 2500 mouth 250 (2500 - 2750 m3/h) Height: 100cm. Contains 12kg of activated carbon.

Lite 3000 mouth 250 (3000 - 3300 m3/h) Height: 100cm. Contains 13.9kg of activated carbon.

This filter is recommended for radial extractors of all types of power (RVK type), consult the manufacturer's list to find out which one corresponds to your model.

CAN Filtres filters have a life of 18 months and remove 99.5% of odours.


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