Sale of the exhaust fan with silencer of the prestigious manufacturer CAN, the CAN Fan ISO MAX. This high quality extractor stands out for its great power of air renewal and its noiseless system. It can also be connected to odor filters.

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Noiseless Extractor fan CAN Fan ISO Max

The extraction system is a crucial piece in a self-respecting indoor plant cultivation. Plants need to breathe clean air and for this, a system that renews the air and lets in clean air while expelling stale air from inside the crop is necessary. This is what the CAN Fan ISO Max extractor fan with silencer can achieve. The CAN manufacturer is one of the most important in the segment of extractors for crops, so buying products of this brand is synonymous with quality and excellent performance.

The CAN Fan ISO Max is a type of tubular extractor featuring diagonal blades with a unique design with the aim of gaining efficiency, power and one of the most important aspects within an indoor cultivation, silence. The extractors of this range have a rotor-stator motor system that allows them to be more functional than other devices of its kind, favoring an optimal air exchange with low energy cost. They are available in diameters of 250 mm and air flow rates of 1480 m33/h and 2310 m3/h.

One of the advantages of the CAN Fan ISO Max is the integrated silencer that is part of the device. They are built with the highest quality materials to maximize performance and noise reduction. To this end, they use a metal housing with foam that eliminates most of the noise produced by the rotor-stator motor. This is the silencer part of the CAN Fan ISO Max.

Another important aspect of this silencer extractor device is its low weight. It is a very light object that can be attached to a grow cabinet without risk of detachment. For this purpose, it has a reliable fastening system, which will withstand the intensive use of this CAN Fan ISO Max device.

The manufacturer has created the CAN Fan ISO Max product integrated in a metal housing and available in different combinations, which will adapt to the different flow rates that correspond to each grower. This device is available in versions with or without a 3-speed switch. In this way, the working capacity of the extractor can be adjusted to suit the extraction needs of the crop in each case. 

This device is also equipped with a thermal switch, which will allow to turn off the extractor in case it reaches non-recommendable temperatures. As mentioned above, it has a mounting system, consisting of brackets, which facilitate the installation of the CAN Fan ISO Max in any indoor growing cabinet.

The use of this extractor with an activated carbon filter is highly recommended, especially when growing highly aromatic plant species. This is the best way to have a clean indoor growing environment, as well as a space free of odors that may be uncomfortable.

It is also recommended to use an ionizer to purify the air of tiny elements such as dust particles and bacteria that may be suspended in the environment. This will allow you to achieve the purest, most nature-like growing space imaginable.

You will find the Fan ISO Max in 2 sizes:

Inlet / outlet diameter of 250 mm and flow rate of 1480 m3/h.

Inlet / outlet diameter of 250 mm and flow rate of 2310 m3/h