Prima Klima odour filter K1610 Industry Line


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Sale of the anti-odour activated carbon filter K1610 from the well-known manufacturer Prima Klima. A filter with activated carbon of the highest quality, with a trademark interior design that optimises the operation and cleaning of the air.

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Prima Klima odour filter K1610 Industry Line

The Prima Klima K1610 Industry Line activated carbon odour filter is the top of the range currently available on the market. Its design and construction meet the demands of the most demanding indoor growers.

The Prima Klima K1610 Industry Line activated carbon air filter has a size of 200/800, which allows a maximum air flow rate of up to 1650m3/hour. However, the optimum air flow to maximize the effectiveness and durability of the activated carbon is 1150m3/hour.

It is worth noting the excellent quality of the activated carbon in this carbon filter. Prima Klima has developed a proprietary design technique, thereby ensuring that all the carbon sits perfectly in the filter. This means that every cubic centimetre of activated carbon is used to the maximum for its intended purpose, to purify the air as much as possible.

Industry Line carbon filters such as this Prima Klima K1610 have a higher density of carbon, which is subject to less movement and produces less dust residue than competing filters.

The Prima Klima K1610 Industry Line carbon filter has a service life of up to 2 years, much longer than any competing carbon filter.

In addition, the Industry Line carbon filter features premium pre-filters and built-in hanging hooks for easy mounting, especially in horizontal hanging positions.

Features of the Prima Klima K1610

Mouth: 200 mm

Maximum airflow: 1650 m³/h

Optimal airflow: 1150 m³/h

Activated carbon type: CTC80-3mm

Dimensions: 200x800

Weight: 12,9 kg

Warranty: 2 years


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