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Neutralizer is an innovative odor control system that blocks odor molecules in the plant. It eliminates all odors without filters, air fresheners or ozone generators.

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Neutralizer is a new product that came to change everything in the way of controlling the odor of the marijuana plant. Until now, in order to eliminate the intense odors of the plant, it was necessary to use odor filters, air fresheners or ozone generators.

This system is not an air freshener, since it does not generate new odors, but eliminates the odor molecules produced by the plant. Thus, instead of having a mixture of plant odors with other aromas, this product is responsible for eliminating all odors generated by the marijuana plant.

The Neutralizer refills are made with essential oils, so it is not a harmful product, neither for humans nor for pets. Thus we have a 100% effective and 100% natural product.

Neutralizer is a product that comes in 3 different formats: the Road Kit, recommended eliminating aromas in the car, the Compact Kit, for small rooms and grow rooms (up to 1.2 square meters) and the Pro Kit, for grow rooms with up to 350 m3.

The duration of the cartridges in the Neutralizer Kit can reach 6 weeks working 24 hours a day.

The Neutralizer box includes:

  • Electronic molecular vaporizer
  • Cartridge with essential oils
  • Instruction manual
  • Accessories for wall mounting