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Now in spray format from Ona, Ona Spray is new and exciting! This natural odor neutralizer was created for professionals and is now available for you.

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Introducing ONA Spray: The Ultimate Odor Neutralizer

Meet ONA Spray, your go-to solution for transforming any space into an oasis of fresh air. Imagine the invigorating scent of summer rain; that's precisely the aroma ONA Spray brings into your life. This 250ml spray bottle is not just another air freshener; it's a powerful odor neutralizer that's both versatile and effective. It's ready to use, making it perfect for instant freshness in any situation.

  • Handy 250ml spray bottle for immediate use
  • Highly effective odor neutralization
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Safe for use around people, pets, and plants

Unlike other brands that merely mask odors, ONA Spray employs advanced technology to eliminate them. The spray releases fluctuating molecules that interact with odor molecules in the air. As they combine, they gain weight and fall to the ground, effectively removing the unwanted smell in record time. The result? A lingering fragrance that truly revitalizes your environment.

  • Destroys odors, doesn't mask them
  • Advanced fluctuating molecule technology
  • Fast-acting and long-lasting results
  • Perfect for both home and business use

When it comes to ingredients, ONA Spray is a marvel of science. It's formulated with industrial-grade essential oils, yet it's completely safe for home and business use. You can even use it around people, pets, and plants. It's the ideal choice for closets, gym bags, RVs, cars, and more. Experiencia Natural knows that when it comes to creating a welcoming atmosphere, nothing beats the effectiveness of ONA Spray.

Unlock the Power of Terpenes with ONA Spray

Terpenes are organic compounds primarily found in plant essential oils. ONA Spray capitalizes on the power of terpenes to neutralize odors effectively. Unlike traditional air fresheners and some other neutralizers, ONA doesn't just cover up bad smells; it annihilates them. Plus, it's environmentally safe.

How ONA Spray Works: A Deep Dive into its Mechanisms

ONA Spray's technology is rooted in the physical and chemical nature of its terpenes. It operates through three distinct mechanisms affecting both organic and inorganic volatile compounds. First, it employs adsorption, capturing and storing gas or vapor on a solid surface. Second, it uses absorption, where ONA's active molecules attract or come into contact with the volatile compounds causing the odor, binding them to its active ingredients. Lastly, a chemical reaction occurs, permanently bonding the odor molecule with ONA's active ingredients, transforming it into more basic properties and eliminating the odor.

Where Can You Use ONA Spray?

ONA Spray is incredibly versatile. Its complex formula, made from industrial essential oils, is safe for use in any part of your home or workplace. Its primary function is to neutralize odors, making it suitable for environments with people, pets, and plants.

Available Fragrances in ONA Spray

Currently, the available fragrance for ONA Spray are the following ones, designed to offer a balanced and neutral aroma suitable for various settings.

Pro, Apple Crumble and Fresh Linnen

Available in 250mL containers