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Auto Mazar Marijuana is an autoflowering Indica strain with an aspect and performance of a traditional Indica plant. One of the most acclaimed best-selling Marijuana from Dutch Passion, it is able to give you up to 125g per plant. Also noted for its potency, yield and mild flavor.


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Auto Mazar Autoflowering Marijuana Seeds

Auto Mazar is an autoflowering strain of Marijuana 100% Indica in all aspects, both regarding its aspect and productions. This is one of the best-selling strain, a plant that has dominated the catalog of this acclaimed seed bank until the arrival of Think Different that was a real revolution in the world of autoflowering strains.

Auto Mazar came from a cross between the original Mazar strain an unknown Indica as well as ruderalis to give the end plant those autoflowering features: high power, productivity and a mild flavor.

This is a typically Indica plant reaching about 70-80cm high growing in a strong and compact way developing large leaves and enormous sticky resinous buds. Besides being easy to grow, it is resistant to diseases and pests and is well suited to both indoor and outdoor cultivations. Thus, you are guaranteed to have a generous and early harvest in summer.

Auto Mazar needs only 11 weeks to give you great outcomes of around 50-125g per plant per plant but in some outdoor crops in southern latitudes, this production can raise to 200 or 300g per plant, mainly in hydroponics systems.

Let's cut to the chase—Auto Mazar is a game-changer in the world of autoflowering seeds. This beauty takes about 10 weeks from seed to harvest, making it a quick and efficient choice for those who are all about time-saving. But don't let its speed fool you; this plant is a powerhouse in various growing conditions. It's like the Swiss Army knife of cannabis seeds!

  • Quick growth cycle
  • Adaptable to various conditions
  • Efficient and time-saving
  • Highly versatile

Auto Mazar is High-Quality Production

Auto Mazar is a marvel when it comes to robust growth. Imagine a plant that not only grows fast but also has thick, heavy side branches and a magnificent main bloom. It's like the plant is putting on a show, and you've got front-row seats! The best part? This plant is known for its generous yields and top-notch quality, making it a favorite among both medical and recreational users.

  • Robust growth
  • Thick, heavy side branches
  • Generous yields
  • High-quality production

Auto Mazar: A Feast for the Senses

Let's talk aroma and flavor, shall we? Auto Mazar is a sensory delight. It offers an earthy, Kush-like aroma with a twist—a citrusy, lime-infused scent that adds a refreshing layer to its profile. The taste mirrors its aroma, giving you an earthy, Kush, and lemony experience. It's like a culinary journey, but for your senses.

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Main features of Auto Mazar Marijuana:

  • Feminized Auto
  • Indoor/Outdoor
  • Genotype: autoflowering
  • Genetics: Mazar x ruderalis/indica
  • THC: unknown
  • CBD: unknown
  • Flowering: 11 weeks (indoor and outdoor - northern hemisphere)