High Speed Buds

The new bank of Fast and autoflowering seeds of last generation is High Speed Buds. At experiencia natural marijuana seeds we offer you all their high quality strains. Discover their feminized autoflowering seeds here:

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High Speed Buds Seed Bank

Autoflowering seeds have become the main trend among collectors, which is why more and more manufacturers are opting to offer this type of non-photodependent strains. This is the case of High Speed Buds, which specialises in fast, high-quality autoflowering strains.

Likewise, the other most demanded segment of seeds is that of fast flowering photodependent varieties, commonly known as Fast varieties. This is the second pillar on which the High Speed Buds seed bank is based.

In short, the High Speed Buds seed bank stands out for being the first seed bank to specialise in fast flowering seeds, whether they are autoflowering or photodependent.

History of High Speed Buds

The High Speed Buds seed bank is a recently created Spanish seed bank, although it is not without quality. In fact, they collaborate with some of the most famous breeders on the national and international scene.

It was launched in 2021, presenting 11 varieties of well-known pedigree.

Best High Speed Buds strains

Among the best varieties of autoflowering seeds of High Speed Buds bank we highlight a few, for example the following strains:

HIGH VOLTAGE FAST FEMINIZED: a cross of Grape Stomper with High Voltage Auto, 50% hybrid balanced. A very fast seed with a strong fruity aroma where the grape notes stand out.

AUTO BRAIN STROKE FEMINIZED Autoflowering cross between Do Si Dos and Auto Purple Punch, with Indica dominance, medium height and high production capacity.