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The Fast Version strain High Voltage Fast feminized is now for sale, a novelty presented by the Spanish seed bank High Speed Buds. This variety brings together some of the most demanded qualities by collectors: resistance, speed, high yield and aroma.


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High Voltage Fast feminized seeds by High Speed Buds

Enthusiasts of fast strains will find High Speed Buds' new release, the feminized High Voltage Fast, fascinating. This is a fast flowering variety with endurance, also delicious aroma and high yield. An all-rounder strain that was obtained by crossing Grape Stomper x High Voltage Auto and features the main characteristics of its parents, as you will see below in its product sheet.

What is High Voltage Fast like?

As High Speed Buds say, High Voltage Fast seeds have a very balanced 50% hybrid. This variety can reach a considerable height of over 2 meters, so it may be advisable to use a netting to support the weight of its flowers. This strain is compact, with medium internodal distance, and is capable of producing turgid flowers with an aromatic resin coating.

As with the other Fast Fem strains from the High Speed Buds seedbank, High Voltage Fast has a short flowering time. This is something that was achieved by using a tiny portion of autoflowering genes in the initial cross. This way, High Voltage Fast can complete flowering indoors in 45 to 55 days. Outdoors, this strain can be ready around the last 2 weeks of summer.

High Voltage Fast yields

High Voltage Fast has a high yield capacity despite its short flowering cycle. According to production tests, this strain can yield up to 600 grams per square meter in indoor environments, while outdoors it is possible to exceed this figure in the case of larger specimens.

Most common effects

High Voltage Fast is a very balanced strain, which is evident in the most common effects. Thus, due to its genetics, this strain can cause more stimulating sensations in the beginning, leading to more relaxed effects in the end.

Organoleptic properties

Finally, the aroma of High Voltage Fast is mainly fruity, with notes reminiscent of grapes, something it inherits directly from its Grape Stomper parent.

Main characteristics

Indoor and outdoor


Genotype: 50% Indica

Genetics: Grape Stomper x High Voltage Auto

THC: Not Declared

CBD: Not declared

Height: Medium

Flowering: 45 - 55 days flowering time indoors and 1 week before the end of summer outdoors

Yield: Up to 600 gr/m2 indoors

Planting: Spring or all year round with artificial light