The Spanish seedbank High Speed Buds presents Auto Gorilla Cookies, an Indica genetics strain with superior yielding capacity. Ready to satisfy the demands of collectors for the best autoflowering american west coast strains.


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Auto Gorilla Cookies autoflowering seeds by High Speed Buds

High Speed Buds is a seed bank that creates feminised and automatic strains with fast flowering cycles and the best characteristics. This is the case of Auto Gorilla Cookies, a strain that comes from crossing Girl Scout Cookies Thin Mint x Auto Gorilla Glue #4. It is a variety with 100% American parental, whose characteristics will make it a classic variety of this seed bank.

What is Auto Gorilla Cookies like?

Auto Gorilla Cookies autoflowering seeds, can give rise to individuals with 55% Indica genetics. It is a very balanced strain, easy to grow in almost any type of growing medium and without presenting difficulties. The fruit of this variety tends to be bulky, dense and very aromatic. On the other hand, the breeders at High Speed Buds report that these Auto Gorilla Cookies individuals can reach 100 cm indoors and 130 cm outdoors.

The complete life cycle of Auto Gorilla Cookies is short, about 9 - 10 weeks from germination to harvest. This is a feature common to all strains in the High Speed Buds catalogue.

Auto Gorilla Cookies yields

The product sheet shows how Auto Gorilla Cookies can yield up to 600 grams of flowers per square meter, which is above average for autoflowering strains.

Most common effects

Auto Gorilla Cookies seeds are characterized by its balance. It is a variety of 55% Indica genetics, so the effects it can produce are in the middle of these two sub-genres. On the one hand, it promotes stimulating and long-lasting sensations, which eventually turn into more sedative and pleasant effects. This strain can produce a high concentration of psychoactive cannabinoids such as THC.

Organoleptic properties

The aromatic profile of this strain is dominated by the sweet biscuit fragrances of GSC, while the earthy Kush undertones of Gorilla Glue #4 can also be tasted. All in all, a very varied terpene profile in which ocimene and guaiol, among others, can be identified.

Main characteristics

Indoor and outdoor

Autoflowering Feminized

Genotype: 55% Indica

Genetics: Girl Scout Cookies Thin Mint x Auto Gorilla Glue #4

THC: Not declared

CBD: Not declared

Height: Medium

Full life cycle: 9 - 10 weeks indoors and outdoors

Yield: Up to 600 gr/m2 

Planting: Spring or all year round with artificial light