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Jack Diesel is a sativa Marijuan strain with a solid and vigorous growth, highly branched and producing compact buds covered with resin crystals. Potent, very psychoactive and energetic effect.


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Feminized Jack Diesel Marijuana Seeds

Jack Diesel is a hybrid sativa dominant Marijuana created by crossing two legendary Cannabis strains: New York City Diesel and Jack Herer.

The result is a plant with a solid and vigorous growth with short internodal distances and a huge central stem that during the flowering period becomes highly branched producing compact buds covered with resin crystals, especially if it has approach the most to the lamps. Its sturdy branches are able to support the weight of its flowers without any external help.

Jack Diesel is a demanding and voracious specimen as it needs a certain amount of space to develop its roots optimally and you should not reduce the growth period in a growing room. Besides that, it is extremely important to do daily measurements of the pH: if the irrigation water exceeds 7, plants will suffer chlorosis in a few days. This can be easily solved by correcting the pH levels or by supplementing chelates.

Also, and considering that this plant releases an intense smell during flowering we recommend to install carbon filters or ionizers. Because of its origins, this is a strain that has a very special aroma: sandalwood, cedar and eucalyptus mixed with tangerines anis and of course, Diesel.

Jack Diesel will give you a potent experience, very psychoactive and cerebral. Its effect is sedating at first, but after this high will become extremely energetic. A sativa coup in the making

Besides its outstanding power, Jack Diesel also has a great production. Despite being demanding, in a growing room it is able to give half kilo per square meter in about 70 days, and in the outside it is able to give 600 grams per plant to be collected in mid-October. How do you stay?

Features of Jack Diesel Marijuana:

  • Feminized
  • Indoor/Outdoor
  • Genotype: sativa
  • Genetics: New York City Diesel x Jack
  • THC: 22%
  • CBD: 0.1%
  • Flowering: 65-70 days (indoor) or mid-October (outdoor - northern hemisphere)

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