CBD Crew

The CBD Crew seed bank seeds comes from the join venture of the most outstanding breeders of the history of Cannabis, nothing more and nothing less than Howard MarksShantibaba And Jaime of Resin Seeds. This bank develops special medical marijuana strains.

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CBD Crew Seedbank

CBD Crew seedbank is the result of the union of a group of breeders and friends around a common will: to develop medicinal strains in which the main component is the CBD. CBD is a molecule present in small quantities in all marijuana strains, but thanks to projects like CBD Crew, now is possible to find strains where is the most present cannabinoid. In this project the central role and the objective is always to obtain strains with ratios  at least of THC:CBD 1:1.

CBD, according to recent research, plays a fundamental role in inhibiting the effects of THC in the human body and has no psychoactive effects. Animal research indicates that CBD acts as an inhibitor of cancer progression, pain relief, anxiety reduction, among many others.

The group of friends and breeders who got together to obtain these strains of strong medicinal component were nothing more than the famous Howard Marks (better known as Mr. Nice), Shantibaba and Jaime, the breeder of Resin Seeds (creators of the Cannatonic, one of the first strains with high content in CBD).

This project, in addition to developing strains with strong medicinal effects, also seeks to inform the general public of the benefits of CBD and liberalize CBD for all who want to get it, allowing self-growing of strains that stand out for the high values of this cannabinoid.

Among the strains that we offer from this bank stands out the CBD Therapy, a strain with very low THC levels and high CBD, ideal for medicinal applications without the psychoactive effects of THC.