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Black square pot perfect for indoor plants. It is sturdy and durable pot with a great drainage system and available in 7 different sizes. This pot for indoor growing in designed to get the most of the space of your growing room.

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Pot for indoor Growing

Black square pot, perfect for indoor plants. It is a sturdy and durable pot with a deep background that permits a better use of the available light with side openings for an optimal drainage of the plant. This format prevents the accumulation of water without oxygen in the bottom of the plant and consequent putrefaction of the roots.

They are perfect pots as a seedbed for transplants or as final cultivation pots. Their format allow them to be fitted like grills using the available space in a greenhouse or a growing room.

This pot is available in 5 different sizes to suit the needs of different cultivations. It is a product specially suited for indoor use, we do not recommend using it in the garden as its black colour will attract the sunlight and will consequently burn the roots of the plant.

Available sizes:

  • 7x7cm with 0.25L capacity
  • 11x11 - 1 liter
  • 13x13 - 1.65 liters
  • 15x15 - 3.6 liters
  • 18x18 - 5,5 liters
  • 20x20 - 7 liters
  • 25x25 - 11 liters