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Flexapot is a textile pot made of recycled plastic bottles that can be used both with soil or with hydroponics. Available in different sizes and two colours.

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Fabric Flexapot Pot

The Flexapot pot is a plastic textile pot made from recycled bottles and is highly resistant and can be used for both soil and hydroponic crops in arlite or coconut fiber.

The main advantages of this type of pot are its high resistance and light weight. In addition to that, these pots can be washed and reused without any problems so they last for many crops.

Flexapot also helps to prevent the circular growth of roots and, due to the characteristics of the material from which they are made, provide more oxygenation to the soil and prevent overheating of the roots.

Flexapot is available in two colors (beige and gray) with the lighter one helping to retain less heat along with the roots while the darker one is ideal for areas where the soil can cool down more.

Dimensions available for the Flexapot:

  • Flexapot 3.8 L (1 GAL)
  • Flexapot 7.6 L (2 GAL)
  • Flexapot 11.4 L (3 GAL)
  • Flexapot 19 L (5 GAL)
  • Flexapot 26.6 L (7 GAL)
  • Flexapot 37.9 L (10 GAL)
  • Flexapot 56,8 L (15 GAL)
  • Flexapot 113,5 L (30 GAL)