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Buy the flexible water tank with a capacity of 98 litres and 250 litres. Essential tool for optimizing water use or automating irrigation, also suitable for rainwater recovery. Made of 100% watertight and non-toxic plastic. 

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Flexible water tank

It is now possible to purchase the flexible water tank, a high quality made of non-toxic and 100% opaque plastic. It is an ideal solution for water shortages and can represent an excellent saving in one of the most important resources when growing.

The flexible water tank is perfect for storing the nutrient solution ready for watering, so you can mix it once for several days and not repeatedly. It is also ideal for connecting to an irrigation system to automate this tedious task.

This tank also makes it possible to recover water from rain that can then be used for watering in indoor or outdoor gardening. It is an ecological and water-saving solution for irrigating plants of all kinds, such as vegetables, aromatic gardens or even fruit trees. In addition, the tank is made of non-toxic plastic, so it will not alter the properties of the water or affect the taste and aroma of the plants.  

This flexible water tank for growing plants is highly adaptable to different crop sizes. Thus, it is available in two sizes. It is possible to purchase the flexible tank with a capacity of 98 litres, while it is also possible to purchase it in a capacity of 250 litres. Depending on the amount of water required, you can choose one option or the other. 

Both sizes have a water inlet at the top, which is used both for filling the flexible tank and for collecting rainwater. The tank also has a water outlet at the bottom, which allows water to flow out if required. The completely watertight material prevents the irrigation water from overheating and, in general, external weather conditions from affecting the water. This increased light tightness also makes it more difficult for harmful bacteria to settle in the irrigation water.

One of the main advantages of the flexible grow tank is that it has a compact box that allows it to be easily transported from one place to another. This facilitates the task of the grower who needs to carry the tank from one place to another to make optimal use of the water. 

The operation of this tank is simple. First, the upper outlet can be placed as a collector under a roof outlet, for example. In this way, the water will fall into the tank and rainwater can be used for watering plants, thus minimizing the costs for this resource. This is an economical and sustainable solution for watering plants. It can also be used as a water reservoir and refilled with a hose or any other water source.

Features of the flexible water tank

Available in 98 litres and 250 litres

The tank has an inlet at the top to fill the tank and an outlet at the bottom to drain the water.

Bottom connection: 3/4" male thread + universal hose quick adapter.

Upper connection: 3/4" male thread + plug, spill outlet.


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